VIP INmusic Festival

This is a picture of Roisin performing at the VIP INmusic Festival, which was held in Zagreb, Croatia. Click here to see a few more pictures of Roisin's performance.


Date on the data

This Hopeless Optimist was on a well deserved break for the past 1.5 weeks. This is, in no particular order, a news update:

EMI has finally updated Roisin's website. However, as many sections are not yet working properly it is still a work in progress.

These are the tracklistings for the UK releases of Let Me Know, which is the second single from the upcoming Overpowered album:

7" picture disc:
1.Let Me Know (radio edit)

1.Let Me Know (radio edit)

1.Let Me Know (album edit)
3.Let Me Know (Vedra mix by Andy Cato)
4.Let Me Know (Joey Negro mix)
5.Let Me Know (enhanced video)

12" maxi:
1.Let Me Know (album edit)
2.Let Me Know (Andy Cato mix)
3.Let Me Know (Joey Negro mix)
4.Cry Baby (Oakenfold mix)

Digital download ep:
1.Let Me Know (radio edit)
2.Let Me Know (Andy Cato mix)
3.Let Me Know (Joey Negro mix)
4.Cry Baby (Oakenfold mix)

Calvin Harris on Roisin (again):

You had a run in with Roisin Murphy, of Moloko, who you've slagged off. What happened there?
It was my first co-writing session, with her (Murphy) and Cathy Dennis. She wouldn't listen to my ideas, so I'd relay them through Cathy, then she'd try them. We wrote two tunes, one a really good pop tune. It was to be the first single. The record company was pleased. Then she decided it wasn't her thing and didn't want to use it.

You tell me. At the time we'd been arguing publishing splits and legal stuff, so I'd paid my lawyer all sorts of money to work it out. She just let it drag on, so I had to pay the lawyer. Then she decided she wouldn't do the song. I can't use the track now. But then they had it reproduced by Jimmy Douglas, who's now on my hate hitlist.

From the Australian Herald Sun


New pictures online!

This is one of the new promotional pictures on the German EMI site. It looks like Roisin gave the photographer a sneak preview of her upcoming outfits. Click here to see the rest of the pictures.


Roisin and Groove Armada in Amsterdam

Roisin Murphy and Groove Armada will play a double show in Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall on the 19th of October. The show is part of the Amsterdam Dance Event. Tickets can be bought here.


Strike a pose, part 2

Have you ever wanted to see a walking fortress? This is how the wonderful Let Me Know cover picture was created.

Strike a pose, part 1

Roisin looking lovely in her hometown London, June 2007.


Overpowered album banner

We're eagerly anticipating...

Let Me Know previews

You can now listed to a preview of the upcoming single Let Me Know on Roisin's MySpace. A sample of the Andy Cate Vedra mix has been uploaded on the remix page.


Let Me Know artwork revealed

EMI has revealed the amazing cover photo of Let Me Know, the second single to be released from the Overpowered album. The sticker suggests that the cd-singles have already been pressed and that two seperate cds will be released.


Live at Boombox

This clip of Roisin's Boombox performance on 01/07 appeared on YouTube yesterday. Check out the user's profile for another short clip from the same night.