Movie Star - the video

Glastonbury review

Undeniably the coolest woman in dance music and in my opinion the most beautiful, Roisin Murphy graced the stage at Dance East on a cold Glastonbury night. Not that it was cold in the packed tent, as everyone boogied with as much energy and excitement as the star herself. Throwing mad shapes against the bright lights of the big tent, she owned that stage. It was, without question, hers.

From ‘Let Me Know’ with its funky bass, and soulful singing to ‘Primitive’ where the drumming sounded digital with uber-synth bursting through the soundscape and timed strobe and on ‘Movie Star’, she set the tent alight.

With more costume changes than a dame in a pantomime, Roisin paraded on stage in clothes that ranged from the absurd to the perfectly normal, and rapidly back to the absurd again. But she totally got away with it. Shoulder pads, leather, hats of all shapes and sizes; my friend Laurence described one hat as “a dinner plate”. She still managed to pull the Royal Doulton off effortlessly.

Roisin Murphy made my day. I dragged myself there in an exhausted mess. I left buzzing on the energy she exudes. Her voice is one of the most versatile I have heard. It is raw and beautiful and meshes perfectly with her brand of electronica and soul. Her voice went straight through my ears and down to my feet along with the bass and melodies. I lost control and danced. She was something special and I think that fellow fans may just agree.

Victoria Trow

From www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk.


Glastonbury - off & on stage

A picture of Roisin off and on stage at this year's edition of the Glastonbury festival.

Roisin's leather outfit went down well with UK newspaper Mail Online, who wrote:

Our favourite (...) was fashion plate singer Roisin Murphy, who somehow managed the impossible feat of looking sexy and cool in a leather jumpsuit. We only advise attempting this look if you're lucky enough to have Roisin's enviable bod and faultless style sense though.

More from Milan

Check out this site to see some amazing pictures of Roisin performing and partying in Milan on Monday.

Rois-Inspiration II

Blog reader Csaba Klement sent me this image, which was inspired by Roisin and Viktor & Rolf.


Roisin, Milan & Gucci

On Monday night, Roisin Murphy made an appearance at the launch party of the new men's fragrance Gucci by Gucci.

She performed a special cover version of Bryan Ferry's song Slave to Love at the event, which was held at the Piazza Oberdan in Milan.

Several sources on the Internet report that Roisin's version of Slave to Love will be used for the TV ad of the fragrance, which will go on sale in September. We'll just have to wait and see!

Click here to see a short clip of Roisin performing Overpowered at the event.

Thanks to Betty!


Roisin talks festival life

Are you going to any music festivals this summer? Roisin's advice is to bring a stage crew. It always comes in handy.

From today's Metro:

Checkin' on Ljubljana

This is a picture of Roisin performing Checkin' On Me in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 12/06/08.

The picture is part of a set by blog reader Daniele. Click here to check out her other pictures of the gig.


Sònar 2008 pictures

Blog reader Míriam kindly sent me these two pictures of Roisin performing at Sònar 2008 in Barcelona a couple of days ago.


Been around the block

Roisin Murphy has vowed Sex Pistols' singer John Lydon won't get the chance to upset her when they both play Live at Loch Lomond this summer.

Lydon upset Duffy when he snapped at her at the MOJO awards this week, leaving the Welsh warbler to flee in tears.

But Roisin revealed she was too "hard" to let other people get to her. She said:

"I supported the Sex Pistols in Milan when I was in Moloko. It was weird looking out and seeing lots of old Italian punks in the audience. I didn't get to meet Johnny but he wouldn't be able to upset me as easily as Duffy. I've been around the block a bit. I think I was born hard."

From dailyrecord.co.uk

Movie Star - video teaser

I can reveal that Roisin's new video Movie Star is directed by none other than her partner Simon Henwood. This teaser picture comes from www.simonhenwood.com.

Please note Roisin peeking from behind the diva on the right.

A little girl's dream

Oh dear, let's move on from the picture of Roisin and her partner Simon. What's the controversy all about?

Women's Wear Dialy was at The House of Viktor & Rolf on Tuesday and have a few things to say about Ms Murphy:

When Viktor & Rolf turned London’s Barbican gallery into a doll house Tuesday night, with their past collections displayed on scores of porcelain dolls, guests became very nostalgic.

"I filled up when I saw it," said singer Roisin Murphy, who was dressed in a pink baby doll dress with a PVC Pierrot collar from the Dutch design duo’s spring collection. "It’s a little girl’s dream."

Thanks to Betty for the pictures!


Roisin ♥ Simon

A candid picture of Roisin and her partner Simon Henwood at The House of Viktor & Rolf the other night.

3D World Online interview

A few months ago, Roisin was interviewed by Australian website 3D World Online:

The eccentric Roisin Murphy has finally come into her own as a pop diva. And she hasn’t done it by negating her much-loved old group, Moloko. - Words by 3D’s Cyclone.

If Murphy’s solo debut was avant-garde electronica, then Overpowered should win over fans of Moloko’s balmy disco smash Sing It Back. It’s sophisticated dance-pop – with a twist.

Murphy’s bold career re-launch nearly faltered last October. She suffered a shocking accident on stage in Moscow, cracking the side of her head. Murphy was flown home to the UK for emergency surgery, fortunate not to have damaged her eye. Incredibly, the stoic Irish woman resumed touring within a week.

With Moloko on indefinite hiatus, Murphy recorded 2005’s experimental Ruby Blue with the unorthodox techno producer Matthew Herbert. She herself touted it as “cult”. Nevertheless, Ruby Blue gave Murphy confidence.

“It put a full stop on what I’d done before and was such a departure that it set me up to do whatever I liked in the future,” she says.

Still, devotees were astonished when Murphy, who, for all that charm, and forcefully defends her creative freedom, signed to a major. Word was that EMI wanted to transform her into a female Robbie Williams. Murphy insisted on “complete control”. As such, Overpowered is a heady excursion into vintage disco, house and electro with a contemporary sheen. The main difference? Murphy had a bigger budget.

“The record was definitely more expensive than any other I’ve made,” she says laconically.

Murphy was inspired to craft a disco album after performing at the New York club promoted by ol’ skool DJ Danny Krivit. She worked with an array of producers, from Groove Armada’s Andy Cato to Timbaland cohort Jimmy Douglass to Richard X, passing them disco compilations as a brief. Early on, Murphy also collaborated with Scot electro upstart Calvin Harris, but his cuts – co-penned by popsmith Cathy Dennis – were abandoned.

“They just didn’t fit with the rest of the record,” Murphy explains. “They weren’t my favourite tracks and didn’t feel like part of me.”

Harris, who famously teamed with Kylie, grumbled in interviews about Murphy being difficult. But the singer, inexperienced writing with strangers, was simply apprehensive. Observing Dennis’ effortless productivity motivated her. Murphy particularly enjoyed her sessions in Spain with Cato, responsible for the single Let Me Know, as the DJ shares her love of disco.

“Andy took it more seriously than anyone else. Andy really delivered it,” she says. “After the sessions with Andy, I was like, ‘OK, tick, I’ve done that – I’ve actually made that kind of disco that I wanted to make’.”


Reflections on a dance floor

Blog reader John sent me this Roisin Murphy feature from Canadian magazine Flare. Enjoy!

The House of Viktor & Rolf

Last night, Roisin made a very glamorous appearance at the private viewing of the exhibition The House of Viktor & Rolf.

The event was held at the Barbican art centre in London. Roisin famously wore one of Viktor & Rolf's creations on the cover of her single Overpowered.

Thanks to Betty!


Incredible fan adventures

Blog reader Michel sent me an account of his Roisin Murphy adventure in Luxembourg:

Let me tell you a little story about what happened to me last week, while I was in Luxembourg to see Roisin Murphy playing at “Den Atelier”.

I had never seen Roisin live before, and I really wanted to see her in a very intimate place like this one. I live in Belgium, just near Luxembourg, so I took a train (3 hours from my home town to Luxembourg City!) and arrived there around 16.00 hours.

After a walk in the city, I was on my way to the place and guess what? I saw her just beside me, waiting at a crossing with a friend! I was speechless, but I finally said “hello” to her. She replied to me very friendly, and I told her that I was on my way to see her show.

Then she told me that the concert was cancelled… I was devastated! She asked me If I could come on Monday, but I told her I had travelled 150 km from Belgium, took a day off, etc… and that it won’t be easy for me to come back on Monday.

She then asked me then if I was going to the Wercher Festival, but that event is sold out for a long time, and I have no ticket. And here is the best part: she then gave me a phone number and told me to call that person, explain the whole thing and that they will put me on the guest list for the Wercher Festival!

I couldn't believe it. If you still need a proof that she is the most beautiful person in the world, now you have it.

We said goodbye (after she kissed me!) and then I took my train to my town, a little bit sad but incredibly happy at the same time.

I finally succeed to go back to Luxembourg on Monday and see the show. I was in the front row, 2 meters away from her (I don’t know if she saw me but please let me believe it) and the concert was incredible.

And it’s not finished yet: after the show, I was having a drink alone in a bar just beside “Den Atelier”, and Eddie Stevens was just in front of me!

We began to talk, then the rest of the band joined us (except Roisin, unfortunately) and we had a few drinks till nearly 2 in the morning, till their departure to London. Eddie is really the coolest guy in the world, it was really fun to talk with him, and he is an incredible musician, too.

I really wanted to share with you what will remain one of the best moment of my life.


PS: I called the number Roisin gave me, and yes, it’s going to happen, I am on her guest list for Wercher…

FaceCulture interview

Online multi media magazine FaceCulture spoke to Roisin Murphy about her solo albums Ruby Blue and Overpowered, Grace Jones, indie rock, Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon, football hooligans and more.

Click here to check out the interview.


WOUND Magazine feature

The current edition of WOUND Magazine features a six page article on Ms Murphy:

Published with kind permission of WOUND Magazine.

Photographer: Peter Zownir
Digital assistant: Ben Riggott
Stylist and Art Direction: Darren Knight
Styling assistant: Margarita Lygizou
Make-up: Fay Leith @ skinnydip
Hair: Amonn Hughes @ Premier

A big thank you to Kathryn & Betty for the scans!

Rock am Ring pictures

Freelenz took some very nice pictures of Roisin performing at Rock am Ring.

Click here to check out the full set.


Sandals am Ring

Betty sent me these lovely pictures of Roisin backstage at Rock am Ring a few days ago. Please note the fancy foot gear!


Roisin & Tony at iTunes Live

Roisin and Tony Christie performing Scarlett Ribbons at the iTunes Live festival in London a few months ago.

Roisin ♥ Istanbul

On 21 June, Roisin will perform at the One Love festival in Istanbul. It will be her first concert in Turkey since performing with Moloko.

She told Turkish magazine Blue Jean how much she loves the city:

I think Istanbul is an exciting place. It is always changing. I am a Londoner and people there are indifferent to the politics, or to society. But in Istanbul everything is attached to each other. You get out on the street and people are interacting with each other, selling something. I love the crowd in the Grand Bazaar.


Overpowered at PinkPop

Overpowered performed live at PinkPop 2008, as shown on Dutch television.

Off and On by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

You can now listen to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's version of Off and On. Go to myspace.com/sophieellisbextor.

The song is produced by Calvin Harris and was infamously dropped by Roisin Murphy from the Overpowered album.


PinkPop 2008

Yesterday Roisin performed at PinkPop 2008, which took place in Landgraaf - The Netherlands.

Picture courtesy of 3VOOR12.


Endless tears in Groningen

A picture of Roisin's show in Groningen last night, taken during the performance of Forever More.

Picture courtesy of Rozemarijntje.

More from the Chapman exhibition

The lovely Betty sent me this picture of Roisin arriving at the Chapman exhibition in London on Thursday.