3 x Schön!

As promised here are three more pictures from Roisin's portfolio in Schön!, which I can show you with the magazine's kind permission.

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More from Schön! magazine

Another preview from Schön! magazine. Much more to come very soon!

Picture by Fulvio Maiani


A look at the Live installation

Some exclusive pictures of Roisin's performance in the video installation Live, which could recently be viewed in Sydney's Town Hall.

Thanks to Jasmin Tarasin!

Schön! preview

Our tenth issue is all about the future, profiling strong personalities in fashion who have been altering perceptions of the industry through their work. And who better to boldly lead us into the future of fashion than the fearless Roisin Murphy? She heralds our preview of the new shapes and silhouettes from the spring fashion calendar in a luxurious Fulvio Maiani editorial.

This is how Schön! magazine is promoting its current issue, which features exclusive new pictures of a glammed up Roisin.

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Roisin & The Bullitts debuts

Just a few weeks into the new year and we get some fantastic new music from Roisin & The Bullitts. The song is based on the theme song from the classic TV series The Persuaders.

Send me your worst
The smile or the hearse
The flowers, the tear drops
Whichever comes first

But seek and you'll find
A dagger enshrined
You persuade me to thank you in kind

With heart on the line
Make haste the time
The knife or the poison
Whichever the crime

But with grand design
And life on a dime,
You persuade me to thank you in kind


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Sydney video installation

Roisin is featured in Jasmin Tarasin’s video installation Live, which can currently be watched at Sydney's Town Hall as part of the Sydney Festival.

According to this review the movie is very intimate. Shot in black-and-white, Roisin can be seen performing in front of a plain white background.