New music: Boadicea

Mason feat. Roisin Murphy - Boadicea by Mason

Here it is: Roisin's collaboration with Mason! The track is called Boadicea and will feature on Mason's debut album. I am very excited about this!

Click here to find an explanation for the song's title and lyrics.

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Sing It Back acoustic

Seriously, can one ever tire of this song?

I once had this performance of Sing It Back on a VHS tape (remember those?). Now I am very happy to have found it on a medium that's less likely to suffer from wear and tear. Enjoy!

By the way, I am off on a little holiday so there will be no updates for the next 1.5 weeks.


One more

Another shot from the Aubin & Wills campaign.

From the Almanac

What a photo!

The wonderful Aubin & Wills campaign reminds me a lot of the legendary photo shoot for Moloko's Statues album. The natural and everyday settings, together with the absence of model poses, create something beautifully raw and real.

There are plenty more pictures in The Aubin & Wills Almanac, of which you can also order your own free copy!

Thanks Betty! x

Aubin & Wills film stills

Roisin for Aubin & Wills

Check out these amazing shots from the new Aubin & Wills campaign for autumn 2010, which features Roisin and Alex James from Blur.

The styling was done by Bay Garnett and the photos were taken by Tom Craig.

There is also a short film on the Aubin & Wills website. Roisin is looking more radiant than ever! Check it out here.

Buy the outfits Roisin is wearing on the Aubin & Wills site.


A few updates

As the title says, a few updates on Roisin. Firstly, the wonderful picture above of Roisin at the Pam Hogg show during London Fashion week, found here by Betty.

For more on Roisin's DJ set in Legends in Manchester over the past weekend check Juri's page on songkick.com. There are some exclusive pictures and videos there.

Plus a few more pictures: Fashion Week, Legends 1 & Legends 2