House of Cards

Last week, Roisin and her partner Simon Henwood attended Shelter's House of Cards charity exhibition in London.

Thanks to Betty!


Basso & Broke show

Roisin attended the Basso & Broke show in London. Did she skip her breathing classes? Hope not!

Thanks to Betty for always being photo alert!


LFW interview

Click here to view a short interview with Roisin at London's Fashion Week.

In the interview she announces that she won't be attending any more shows this week due to breathing class commitments. Oh, and the sultry red lips have made their return...

Roisin & John Rocha

Roisin posing with designer John Rocha during London's Fashion week.

Catwalk Queen about Roisin's outfit:

Roisin Murphy always livens up a London Fashion Week front row, her outfits a mix of eccentric and impeccable. This time she's plumped for a gorgeous mix of nude tones, with dove white jacket and flesh toned dress. Is that a pair of harem pants/bloomers I spy underneath? Hope so! Love the pale pink wedges, Roisin definitely knows how to do nude!



On Sunday, Roisin attended the Julien MacDonald and Vivienne Westwood S/S 2010 catwalk shows in London. No sultry red lipstick this time.

Thanks to Betty.


LFW report

A radiant looking Roisin has been attending a few catwalk shows during London's Fashion Week, which has just begun. Some pictures...

> At the Ashish show.

> At the John Rocha show.

Thanks to Betty, who's taken the time to bring these to my attention!



A nice picture of Roisin 'spinning' a few records for Dolce & Gabbana a couple of months ago, courtesy of swide.com.


Momma's making an impression

It may be a rough live recording, but the first preview of Roisin's brand new song Momma's Place is already causing quite a stir on the Internet.

Here's an overview of some of the YouTube honours it received today:

It's quite clear music lovers are eagerly anticipation Roisin's new material.


Momma's Place (for the little one)

Oh dear, we got it all wrong again...

Rumours published on the web are turned into facts before you know it. Earlier today Roisin posted a few corrections on the official forum regarding the songs she previewed the other night:

Just to say, the two new songs I did the other night were, Hold Up Your Hands and Momma’s Place (written for the little one). To save further confusion. Had a great time, my mixing is actually coming along and I am starting to like DJing quite a lot!

It's great to see she's keeping us up-to-date on this exciting new project!

Thanks to Metty for the beautiful picture, courtesy of Pal Hansen.


New material previewed in London

A big belly and even bigger tunes!

Roisin previewed some amazing new material in London's SeOne club last night, during the event Burlectric. She performed Billionaire and what sounded like Demon Lover, as well as Let Me Know and Forever More.

I have to say I am very excited about her new songs and the taster they offer for the next album. The dark sounds and deep heavy bass offer a perfect setting for Roisin's voice, reminiscent of some of the things she did with Moloko.

Having heard some of the new stuff, I now understand what Roisin means when she says the new album will have a "more urban and gritty sound than Overpowered".

If you want to hear what Billionaire is all about, watch the video below. It will blow you away, believe me!

Click here for more videos and song previews.

Thanks to CL and his steady hand for the first two pictures! x

*Update 07/09* See next post!


Another still from Silver Spoon

Another still from the short film Silver Spoon, taken from the trailer for A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2009.

Silver Spoon - a short film

Here are two stills from the short film Silver Spoon, which features Roisin wearing clothes by designer Kai Kuhne. The film was shot earlier this year at the National Arts Club in New York by Pierce Jackson.

The film will be premièred at the Musee Galliera in Paris on September 25, as part of the event A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2009, organised by fashion icon Diane Pernet.

For more information about A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2009, which has a few more Roisin features on the program, click here.


A radical album update

A few days ago Roisin herself posted a little update on the official forum about the new material she is working on:

I am so happy. Seven months now. I'm nesting and writing good tunes. Wrote a good 'en last week called Leviathan (Do It Yourself) with Kid Gloves. It's pure epic pop. Looking at ways of releasing and having lots of meetings, my goodness there's a lot to think about these days! Anyways, sure enough these tracks will find a way to you in the next few months. In the meantime I need to make decision on how. It's not going to be old fashioned. I am looking at ways of getting EVERYTHING revamped at once! Now is the time to be radical and that radical feeling of change is everywhere, including my silly little pop songs.