Flash Of Light - Original version

We have heard the Solomun remix and now it's time to listen to the original version of Flash Of Light, Roisin's collaboration with Luca C & Brigante.

The song's lyrical landscape is the last day of the world, as explained by Roisin herself. Perhaps that explains its rather melancholy undertone.

Click here to listen. The song kicks in at 17 min. 10 sec. into the stream.


Non Credere

Click here to listen to a teaser of Roisin singing Non Credere, from her upcoming Italian
EP with Luca C & Brigante.

The end of the world...

House music all night long.

When a friend of mine introduced me to the music of Luca C & Brigante I was stuck with an apocaliptic feeling, as if I were listening to the sound of a party at the end of the world. And with such strong imagery coming to mind I was only too happy to write with them when they asked. Flash of Light is about that last night on earth, a forewarning of the end of an era and a last chance to Love.

From Roisin's Facebook page


Roisin announces new releases

Roisin took to Facebook today to announced the released of Simulation and her collaboration with Luca C & Brigante. Some exciting times ahead!

Unofficial Simulation video

Check out this amazing, and rather sultry, video for Roisin's song Simulation.

The video was made by drag persona Ambrosia Salad to conclude a year long art project. Roisin is a great muse and inspiration for Ambrosia: I can't tell you how much of a muse Roisin is to me! She changed my life and the way i look at fashion, music, and art.


Simulation remix & release

Listen to Dixon's set at We Love Space Ibiza to hear the Mano le Touch Remix of Simulation. The song kicks in at 3 min 30 sec.

Rumour has it that Simulation will released later this month on the Permanent Vacation label.

*UPDATE: The release news is not just a rumour, it's true. A 12" vinyl will be released on 17 August. Read more information here and preview another remix of the song. (Thanks to J.)