Demon Lover première + free download

This Monday, November the 2nd, Roisin will première her new single Demon Lover on MySpace and Facebook!

I can also reveal that an exclusive free download will also be available very soon. Watch this space!


Silver Spoon

Sorry for my silence, which was due to a bit of leisure in the Mediterranean...

Last week saw the online première of the short fashion film Silver Spoon, which features Roisin wearing clothes by designer Kai Kuhne:

It was shot earlier this year at the National Arts Club in New York by Pierce Jackson.

The film was premièred at the Musee Galliera in Paris on September 25, as part of the event A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2009, organised by fashion icon Diane Pernet.


Yatzer feature

A great Viktor & Rolf picture from yatzer.com, which has a feature on the show.

Thanks to Costas.


Roisin's fashion inspiration

Roisin has spoken to Elle magazine and revealed that her personal style is inspired by her mother.

She said: "My greatest inspiration is my mother. She has an amazing softness in her approach to the world, and she was a great clotheshorse in her day. I remember watching her when she was getting ready to go out. There is something in the narrative of women transforming themselves that's so special and magical."

The former Moloko star also revealed her fashion hero is hat designer Christophe Coppens because of the accessories he has designed for her in the past.

She told Elle: "Christophe Coppens has saved my shows more than once. He's Belgian and primarily a hat designer, but he's more of an artist. He made me a necklace of two life-sized men climbing up me, and a houndstooth cape that had a big deer right across the shoulders. I wore antlers as well."

Picture: Roisin & Casey Spooner from Fischerspooner (by Rakin)


More from V&R

A backstage picture of Roisin being made-up for her performance at the Viktor & Rolf show in Paris. You can read an interesting item about the show's scenography here.

Thanks to Anouk & Oxotnic!

Roisin at Westwood

A brief interview with a glowing Roisin at Vivienne Westwood's show recently.


Another Meds Perch portrait

One more picture by photographer Meds Perch, from the Danish magazine Soundvenue.


Demon Lover is a hit!

The Demon Lover poll results are in!

76% of you love the song, either with (44%) or without the rap (32%). 17% isn't yet sure about the song, which leaves 6% to think that the song is either mediocre (3%) or not good at all (3%).


Back from Gay Paris

Roisin is "back from Gay Paris" and has posted a message on her forum about performing at the Viktor & Rolf show.

She also speaks about her new work and confirms that the rap sections of Demon Lover are taken from a remix of the song, which I suspected all along:

"Oh my lord that was terrifying on so many levels, not lest of all health & safety! Standing up on that pedestal in that dress of torture, in sky high heals in front of the fashion world, seven and a half months pregnant, if you listen carefully you can hear the fear in my voice. But I got through it and felt like a super hero, ha!!

By the way, what I performed exactly was a kind of Mega-mix, four tracks in total but only two songs. The first song is Royal T and it will appear on the Crookers album due out soon. Hold Up Your Hands does not appear here, it is a totally different track but also a Crookers collaboration. The second is Demon Lover and I used two different Mixes crossing over on my second verse. The first version you hear is the original, Co-written and produced with Seiji. The second is a Donaeo remix. Funny how some fans really don’t like the MCing, but you know I love it.

Expect some news about a release very soon and I will be giving you guys song to download for free also, probably "Orally Fixated". It’s a funny old time what with being up the Duff an’ all and I know this is all running a bit later than expected, so thank you for staying with me, not long now."


Live at V&R - artwork

In case you have uploaded it onto your iPod, here's the 'unofficial' artwork for Roisin Murphy's Live at V&R. Download the MP3 here.


Here is an alternative cover designed by Manek, who named the 'EP' Demon Lover Live:

LFW photo

A photo of Roisin at London Fashion Week, courtesy of kastakephoto.


"Soon to-be-released"

According to Vogue, Roisin will give guests at tomorrow's Viktor & Rolf show in Paris "a sneak preview of her new, soon to-be-released material".

It seems there is more than just a baby on the way!

Roisin to perform at V&R show

Some exciting new from fashionista.com:

A very pregnant Róisín Murphy will be performing live (with new material!) at the Viktor & Rolf show in Paris on Saturday. We are sure she will not disappoint and cannot wait to see how they outfit her.

"We are attracted and inspired by what we call mega-women: strong women who follow their own path and are uncompromisingly themselves," said the designers. "Róisín Murphy is a source of inspiration for us. We share with her the need for theatricality and performance in our work. Róisín personifies a power of transformation. On-stage she easily morphs into a beautifully fierce character, while off-stage she is the counterpart of her theatrical self: soft-spoken, modest, even quiet."

As for the singer: "I have been known to go to some extremes in my fashion choices but the Viktor & Rolf dress that I wore for my 'Overpowered' promotion had its own sound and lighting rig incorporated which tops them all."

This is a perfect pairing as far as we're concerned. And it sounds like it might be the kind of performance that makes Gaga a little jealous, non?

Roisin also said: "I am a huge fan of Viktor & Rolf, their designs encapsulate futuristic techniques and wry surrealism, the clothes are literally a thrill to wear. I find levels of story and concept in their work and have road tested many of their designs on stage. For my performances I am looking for clothing to amplify the often conflicting emotions in my own work. I want nothing to box me in as a performer, any notions of "chic" must be counterbalanced with humour and wit, intelligence comes with fearlessness and joy comes with the memory of pain. Being human is a complex business and that is exactly what I wish to reflect, even in the way I dress. These ideas are timeless and so are Viktor & Rolf."

After the show, Viktor & Rolf will upload a video of the performance on their official website!


Mads Perch photos

Betty sent me two great pictures of Roisin by photographer Meds Perch, first published in the Danish magazine Soundvenue.