Demon Lover is a hit!

The Demon Lover poll results are in!

76% of you love the song, either with (44%) or without the rap (32%). 17% isn't yet sure about the song, which leaves 6% to think that the song is either mediocre (3%) or not good at all (3%).


Anonymous said...

How can you NOT like this song? She'll win all of you over, trust me.

Someone from Poland said...

OK,ok,ok...in version with the MC's (Demon lover) all this sounds really good and when I say that you sounds best solo (with "virgins" in option) then I meant that in one, two or three songs in duet with someone (MC's for example) it works great but don't make it a routine practice.
This is only my modest opinion.

Someone from Poland said...

Yet one: you don't need to hurry with anything now.
I think that the real fans will waiting and no matter how long.
I will waiting too, anyway :)

MirrorCancer said...

I do prefer it without the rap. I don't necessarily dislike the rap, I just prefer it without. Glad to know the original version doesn't include it.

Anonymous said...

I love this song. The rap is great!

Anonymous said...

Her sound and voice work well with hip-hop. MORE RAP!!