Roisin's fashion inspiration

Roisin has spoken to Elle magazine and revealed that her personal style is inspired by her mother.

She said: "My greatest inspiration is my mother. She has an amazing softness in her approach to the world, and she was a great clotheshorse in her day. I remember watching her when she was getting ready to go out. There is something in the narrative of women transforming themselves that's so special and magical."

The former Moloko star also revealed her fashion hero is hat designer Christophe Coppens because of the accessories he has designed for her in the past.

She told Elle: "Christophe Coppens has saved my shows more than once. He's Belgian and primarily a hat designer, but he's more of an artist. He made me a necklace of two life-sized men climbing up me, and a houndstooth cape that had a big deer right across the shoulders. I wore antlers as well."

Picture: Roisin & Casey Spooner from Fischerspooner (by Rakin)


Anonymous said...

I love these Rankin shots.

Tiepster said...

Roisin & Fischerspooner. Music wise great combination =]

Michel said...

Beautiful, as usual.

Anonymous said...

yes, it's spelt Rankin not Rakin. does anyone know how this photoshoot between the two came about? was it whilst she was in NYC? anyone?

Anonymous said...

...dont worry i just stumbled across an explanation:

"Rankin offered the line-up at Wireless Festival a one-off opportunity to have an intimate portrait session. At the Barclaycard Unwind Lounge, Rankin set up a unique pop-up studio where he shot the likes of Noisettes, Mark Ronson, Dizzee Rascal, Roisin Murphy and Goldie."