New music: SIMULATION!

Roisin talked about this song a few weeks ago, but I didn't expect it to surface quite so soon. But here we have it: Simulation, a collaboration with a mystery producer from northern England.

9 minutes of deep house bliss. Enjoy!


You Know Me Better - live 2011

Watch this video to see Roisin perform an amazing remix of You Know Me Better at the Electronic Beats festival in Zagreb last month (starts at 09:10).


Electonic Beats interview

A short yet informative interview with Roisin at the Electronic Beats festival in Zagreb the other day. She speaks of a few new collaborations that will be released some time in the future.

How does it feel as an independent artist these days?

Fine, good. I haven't been doing very much music recently, but I'll get back into it.

Any plans to return to EMI or not?
I don't know, what we'll release next.

After 'Orally Fixated', 'Demon Lover' and 'Momma's Place', there haven't been any new releases, you've been pregnant with your daughter. How did this huge personal step influence you as an artist?
Well, I took a lot of time off; and quite often I think, I was ready and then realised I wasn't. I didn't quite have the identity to go for with the whole album. I didn't have in mind the kind of an artist, that I want to be … after baby … after 6 albums. And this is still forming for me, to be honest.

Did you work on any new songs since then?
Yes, I've worked on few bits & pieces. I have recorded a track with David Morales, and that will be on his record, I've done a big, sexy song called Simulation with some people, and it will be performed tonight.

Your latest new work comes in form of a duet: Tony Christie's '7 Hills' …
Friends of mine from Sheffield were working on an album and asked me to write a track and it turned into a duet.

There were quite a lot of collaborations for you lately. Why did you choose to focus on collaborations?
It's really hard to answer why I do those things, but basically things just come into my life. People chose me already and I've just reacted. It's more a reaction then a proaction recently, so if somebody ask me to do something I like, Ill do it. And usually that's how everything works in my life. I allow it to kinda happen to me. And that's how my career has always been - I'm waiting for things to happen.

When will your next solo release come out and what can we expect from it?
I don't know and I don't know.

You previewed your song 'Demon Lover' for the first time during the Viktor & Rolf 2009 Paris Fashion Week show. How did this came together?
They just asked me to collaborate musically and I did something almost like now, DJ and sang. Simple as that.

Any plans of repeating this kind of event?
There are always things going on with connection to fashion for me. I love it, so you never know.



Sergio Rossi store opening

Recently Roisin atttended the opening of the new Sergio Rossi store in London.

Thanks to Betty!


Roisin out in London

On Thursday Roisin attended a private dinner in London organised by the Simon Lee Gallery celebrating American artist George Condo.


Dinner with Momma

Earlier this week Roisin and her mother attended the 30th Anniversary private dinner of Le Caprice in London.


Download Cherry Picking for FREE

Download Cherry Picking, Roisin's collaboration with Toddla T, for free here!

This is what Toddla T said about the song: I recorded this song with Roisin in Sheffield about two years ago. She has a deep heritage in Sheffield music as she lived and created Moloko there. It was an honor to work with her.


New video featuring Roisin

After a couple of quiet months I am thrilled to see this video of Roisin wearing the latest designs by Christophe Coppens.

The video is entitled Women of the Fields and features new music by Roisin. Enjoy!


Last night in London

Last night Roisin attended an after party following the private view of Jake and Dinos Chapman's new exhibit 'Jake or Dinos Chapman' in The Tab Center in London.


Roisin at The Serpentine Gallery

On Monday Roisin took a break from working on new music and attended a private view of the Michelangelo Pistoletto exhibit The Mirror of Judgement at The Serpentine Gallery in London.

At the event she met up with friend and fashion designer Kai Kuhne.


Cherry Picking - listen now

The studio version of Cherry Picking, Roisin's delicious collaboration with Toddla T.

What do you think - hit or miss?


More from Paris

A few more pictures from Paris, including from the set Roisin performed at the amfAR Inspiration Gala.

Roisin in Paris

On Thursday Roisin attended the amfAR Inspiration Gala at Pavillon Gabriel in Paris, France.


Dance for the Lights is out today!

Dance for the Lights, Roisin's fantastic duet with The Feeling is out today. Download it now!


New fan site

Check out Momma's Place, a new Roisin Murphy fan page.

It looks very good, complete with a list of all the gigs Roinin has performed as a member of Moloko and as a solo artist!


Dance For The Lights Preview

Here is an exclusive preview of the studio version of Roisin's duet with The Feeling.

The song is called Dance For The Lights and will be featured on The Feeling's new album, which is out next week:

Together We Were Made


Roisin Murphy Diary

A perfect moment for me is a perfect kiss...

Diaryofmu.com presents Roisin Murphy Diary, recorded in Istanbul a couple of months ago.

This gives an interesting insight into Roisin's mind as an artist. Very much worth watching!


London last night

She has been keeping a low profile for a while, but last night Roisin attended The Royal Academy of Arts' Summer Exhibition preview party in London.


Give it to Momma

A rather amazing mash-up of Momma's Place and the Paul Oakenfold remix of Madonna's Give It To Me, created by Willie N.

Boadicea - live in London

A great video of Roisin performing Boadicea in London last night! This song works really well live.

Check this link for some pictures.


Boadicea video

This is the official video for Boadicea, Roisin's collaboration with Mason.

The video was filmed on an East London counsel estate and features a dramatic storyline.

Boadicea (Original Version)

Dance For The Lights - Live

Roisin made a surprise appearance on stage with The Feeling in the famous London club Heaven.

They performed their collaboration Dance For The Lights for the first time. The song will appear on The Feeling's next album, due out this summer.

Listen to Cherry Picking!

Here is Cherry Picking, Roisin's long awaited collaboration with Sheffield producer Toddla T.

The song will appear on Toddla T's next album, but was released as a limited edition 12" vinyl over the weekend.

What do you think? Will you be picking this cherry?


New album in the making!

Roisin has revealed to XOXO magazine that she has been working on new MUSIC and is ready to release an ALBUM sometime in the near future. She also added that her new music is coming from 'a deeper place' than her last album Overpowered.

This is by far the most exciting news we've had for a while.

Thanks to the wonderful HardCandyMusic.com!


Backstage at the XOXO shoot

Two pictures of Roisin backstage at the XOXO magazine shoot in Istanbul last month.


XOXO magazine

Roisin features on the cover of Turkish magazine XOXO, with an exclusive feature inside the magazine.

In association with the same magazine Diary of Mu has filmed Roisin during her recent visit to Istanbul. See below for a preview of this special, which will première tomorrow:


Video news

The video for Boadicea will be shot this Friday, March 25, on a counsel estate in East London.

The video will star the young British actress Jennie Jacques and will be an all action clip. It will be directed by Ron Scalpello, whose previous work includes The Prodigy’s Voodoo People.

*Update: the video will NOT feature Roisin.

The making of Boadicea

This is how Boadicea, Roisin's currently single with Dutchmen Mason, came about:

Dutch duo Iason Chronis and Coen Berrier had always been massive fans of Roisin’s since hearing her on early Moloko tracks in their formative years. Having sent over a bunch of their latest ideas it wasn’t long before the Irish diva was enlisted as another star performer on They Are Among Us.

A heavily pregnant Miss Murphy entered a borrowed London studio and over the course of a day came up with the magical performance on Boadicea, somehow inspired by the ancient revolutionary warrior queen! What started life as a slow, deep Italo influenced groove turned into something much more special.

“Working with Roisin was really inspiring” Iason reflects of the recording session. “She breezed into the room and just became this creative machine of ideas as soon as the mic was switched on and stuck in front of her”.

Download Boadicea from Amazon today!

Music of Mason


Boadicea out today!

Boadicea by Mason feat. Roisin Murphy has been released in the UK and the US today.

Find the store link on this page to purchase your copy now. The Boadicea EP features no less than 11 remixes!

Mason review

Music OHM reviewed Mason's album They Are Among Us as said the following about Boadicea, their upcoming single with Roisin:

Album highlight Boadicea has already proven its worth in its own right, and is home to Roisin Murphy's most arresting and satisfying performance for quite some time.


Demon Lover - YILA Remix

While we still eagerly await the original version of Demon Lover, here is a nice dubstep remix by YILA. Enjoy!


Roisin in Istanbul

Past Thursday Roisin performed a DJ-set at Markiz Pasaji in Istanbul, Turkey.


Toddla T collaboration release on 16 April

On the 16th of April a limited edition red vinyl 12" will be released of Roisin's collaboration with Toddla T. The track is called Cherry Picking.

In August Toddla T spoke to Clash Music about his next album. He announced the collaboration with Roisin and revealed the record's sound will be a combination of dubstep, electro and dancehall. I cannot wait to hear the outcome of this!

The exclusive 12" is part of a range of releases for this year's edition of Record Store Day, an annual event in support of independent record shops in the UK.


London Fashion Week update

Roisin has been attending quite a few shows and events during London Fashion Week for the autumn & winter 2011 collections.

Here is a little pictorial update of Roisin and her outfits:

Mulberry after show party

Eat the Designers private viewing

John Rocha A/W 2011

Vivienne Westwood & Pam Hogg

A big 'thank you' to Betty!


Elle Style Awards 2011

Roisin attended the Elle Style Awards 2011 in London last night.

Thanks Betty!


New Boadicia remix

   by tonysenghore

The Tony Senghore Vocal Remix of Boadicea, Roisin's colaboration with Mason, plus a new shot from Schön! Magazine.


7 Hills out today

7 Hills, Roisin's fantastic duet with Tony Christie, is released today.
You can download your MP3 via Amazon UK and US.

Picture courtesy of Schön! Magazine


3 x Schön!

As promised here are three more pictures from Roisin's portfolio in Schön!, which I can show you with the magazine's kind permission.

Get your copy: Magazine/Shop


More from Schön! magazine

Another preview from Schön! magazine. Much more to come very soon!

Picture by Fulvio Maiani


A look at the Live installation

Some exclusive pictures of Roisin's performance in the video installation Live, which could recently be viewed in Sydney's Town Hall.

Thanks to Jasmin Tarasin!

Schön! preview

Our tenth issue is all about the future, profiling strong personalities in fashion who have been altering perceptions of the industry through their work. And who better to boldly lead us into the future of fashion than the fearless Roisin Murphy? She heralds our preview of the new shapes and silhouettes from the spring fashion calendar in a luxurious Fulvio Maiani editorial.

This is how Schön! magazine is promoting its current issue, which features exclusive new pictures of a glammed up Roisin.

You can buy the magazine in store or purchase it online (PDF, iPad and iPhone versions).



Roisin & The Bullitts debuts

Just a few weeks into the new year and we get some fantastic new music from Roisin & The Bullitts. The song is based on the theme song from the classic TV series The Persuaders.

Send me your worst
The smile or the hearse
The flowers, the tear drops
Whichever comes first

But seek and you'll find
A dagger enshrined
You persuade me to thank you in kind

With heart on the line
Make haste the time
The knife or the poison
Whichever the crime

But with grand design
And life on a dime,
You persuade me to thank you in kind


Share your thoughts!


Sydney video installation

Roisin is featured in Jasmin Tarasin’s video installation Live, which can currently be watched at Sydney's Town Hall as part of the Sydney Festival.

According to this review the movie is very intimate. Shot in black-and-white, Roisin can be seen performing in front of a plain white background.