New Boadicia remix

   by tonysenghore

The Tony Senghore Vocal Remix of Boadicea, Roisin's colaboration with Mason, plus a new shot from Schön! Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Nice but I like the original version much more than this one.
Because is very nostalgic and in very Róisín style in my opinion.
Sounds deeply reflective to me and I love it.
Because of such songs like all those like Pandora,You know me better,Never enough etc. I simply can't get you out of my head and I'm afraid that this will never change :)
And of course that also because of the fact that you are wild and completely out of control woman and you proved it to all of us many times.
It's a great pleasure when I can just lost myself in your unusual tracks in free time and no matter where, in car, in home or in every different place.
Honestly, like always :)

End of the lecture :)

Anonymous said...

I've been putting together lately all of Roisin's "loose" tracks and their remixes in a playlist in iTunes. The range is incredible...

Boadicea/ Feel Up/ Let Me Know versions/ Off & On/ Standing in the Way of Control/ Yellow Moon/ Are 'Friends Electric'/ Keep it Loose/ Slave to Love/ The Truth/ Wonderland/ Boadicea/ Hold up your Hand/ Royal T/ 7 Hills/ Demon Lover/ Orally Fixated/ Mammas's place/ The Persuaders....

So much brilliance.

In a way I love her concept of "putting songs out there and let them have a life of their own", there's a certain promiscuity to it!! But Roisin's undeniable mastery is when she puts all the things that make an album together - the voice, the music, the visuals, the performance, the fashion, the imagery. Even though she had apparently a tough time with EMI, just remember the Overpower album and banging singles, one after the other.
I hope we will witness a great next step soon!

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