This is a basic discography of Roisin's career as a solo artist, which runs from 2005 to the present.

For most singles I have listed the track listings of the CD maxi single. For more information on specific single formats I suggest you consult the wonderfully concise discography on Roisin's general page on Wikipedia, which links to sub pages about her singles.


Ruby Blue, released June 2005
1. "Leaving the City"
2. "Sinking Feeling"
3. "Night of the Dancing Flame"
4. "Through Time"
5. "Sow into You"
6. "Dear Diary"
7. "If We're in Love"
8. "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"
9. "Ruby Blue"
10. "Off on It"
11. "Prelude to Love in the Making"
12. "The Closing of the Doors"

Overpowered, released October 2007
1. "Overpowered"
2. "You Know Me Better"
3. "Checkin' On Me"
4. "Let Me Know"
5. "Movie Star"
6. "Primitive"
7. "Footprints"
8. "Dear Miami"
9. "Cry Baby"
10. "Tell Everybody"
11. "Scarlet Ribbons"
12. "Body Language"
13. "Parallel Lives"

Live At Ancienne Belgique 19.11.07 (1,500 copies only)
- CD1
1. "Cry Baby"
2. "You Know Me Better"
3. "Checkin' on Me"
4. "Dear Miami"
5. "Primitive"
6. "Sow into You"
7. "Footprints"
8. "Movie Star"
9. "Scarlet Ribbons"
10. "The Truth"
- CD2
1. "Forever More"
2. "Let Me Know"/"Keep On"
3. "Overpowered"
4. "Tell Everybody"
5. "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"


If We're In Love, released June 2005
1. "If We're in Love" (Radio edit)
2. "If We're in Love" (Matthew Herbert's Lovers remix)
3. "Ripples"
4. "If We're in Love" (Dani Siciliano's What Will Be Will Be mix)

Sow Into You, released October 2005
1. "Sow into You" (radio edit)
2. "Sow into You" (Bugs in the Attic Remix)
3. "Sow into You" (Bugs in the Attic Dubstrumental)
4. "Love in the Making"

Overpowered, released July 2007
1. "Overpowered"
2. "Foolish"
3. "Sweet Nothings"
4. "Overpowered" (Seamus Haji Remix)
5. "Overpowered" (Kris Menace Remix)

Let Me Know, released October 2007
1. "Let Me Know" (Album Version)
2. "Unlovable"
3. "Let Me Know" (Andy Cato Vedra Mix)
4. "Let Me Know" (Joey Negro's Destination Boogie Vocal)

The UK 2-track CD single included "Sunshine"

You Know Me Better, released March 2008
1. "You Know Me Better" (Album Version)
2. "Pandora"
3. "You Know Me Better" (Guy Williams Vocal)
4. "You Know Me Better" (Toddla T Mix)

The UK 2-track CD single included "Keep It Loose"

Movie Star, October 2008 (US only iTunes release)
1. "Movie Star"
2. "Movie Star" (Radio Edit)
3. "Movie Star" (Jnrsnchz Cinespace Mix)
4. "Movie Star" (Kid Gloves Remix)

In the UK a promo CD was released which featured "Slave to Love", a Brian Ferry cover recorded for a Gucci fragrance TV ad.

Orally Fixated, November 2009 (Digital release only)

Momma's Place, January 2010 (Digital release only)
1. "Momma's Place"
2. "Momma's Place" (Bongo Boys Remix)
3. "Momma's Place" (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
4. "Momma's Place" (Shake Aletti Remix)