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Part 2 of Arjan Writes' amazing interview with Roisin is now online. You can read it here.

Career and music wise, it's a very revealing interview. Some of the highlights of what's in store:

> In October a live DVD will be released.

> Movie Star will be released as a double a-side, along with a cover of Brian Ferry's Slave to Love. The latter will be used in a Gucci ad campaign for a new men's fragrance.

> Roisin will soon go into the studio with her two backing singers "to do like a little sort of girl group thing".

> Roisin is planning a big tour this Autumn, including gigs in the US of A.

Global Gathering

Another lovely picture of Roisin backstage at the Global Gathering Festival, courtesy of shirlaine.


Arjan Writes again

Head over to arjanwrites.com to read part one of his revealing fan interview with Roisin Murphy in New York a few days ago.

Slave to Love news

I reported a while ago that Roisin has covered Brian Ferry's song Slave to Love for a Gucci men's fragrance ad, which will be launched this autumn.

It has now been revealed that Roisin will also be recording a saucy video for the song. She told the Daily Star newspaper:

"I really want to have a full-on sex scene in the video, preferably with a younger man, so I can play Mrs Robinson."


Melt in motion

An amazing shot of Roisin in motion at the Melt Festival in Germany, courtesy of 'stylespion'.

You can check out more pictures here.


NY Question Time

Roisin is off to New York this week.

While she is the Big Apple, master music blogger Arjan Writes will be interviewing her.

What's more, Arjan is giving Roisin's fans the chance of submitting their questions. So if you've always wanted to know what Charlie's favourite brand of dog food is then head over to ArjanWrites.com.


Benicàssim backstage

Two pictures of Roisin backstage at the Benicàssim festival in Spain, courtesy of fiberfib.

Check out fiberfib's photo set on Flickr for a couple of live photos from the festival.


PopMatters review

A nice little review of Roisin's Glastonbury performance from popmatters.com:

I stuck around the dance stages to see Roisin Murphy. I had only seen Ms. Murphy in her eccentric videos. Her unmistakable style, somewhere between Bjork and Britney, easily translated to a live setting, and she dazzled the audience with multiple costume changes.

She approached the stage with a robotic lurch not too dissimilar to Pee Wee Herman's "Tequila" dance and worked it through cuts from Ruby Blue and Overpowered. Her live rendition of "Ruby Blue" was particularly delightful, with the song taking on a '60s go-go sound.


You Know Me Better - Mashed

Do you need any more proof that Roisin's vocals and melodies work in many different musical settings? Then check out Ping Pong's mashup of NIN vs Roisin Murphy - You Know The Hand That Feeds You. You can find it here.

I consider it the rightful follow up to Elastica vs Moloko - Sing It Back Connection.


Ruby Blue & More from Werchter

Check out this recording of Roisin receiving birthday flowers and performing Ruby Blue at Werchter 2008.

At RoHab08's YouTube Channel you can view eleven high quality video's of Roisin's performance. Highly recommended!


Optimus Alive! interview

A nice little interview with Roisin backstage at Optimus Alive!.

My Grandma's Backyard

A picture of Roisin backstage at My Grandma's Backyard, courtesy of Lucuchen.

Optimus Alive!

Blog reader Renato sent me this picture of Roisin performing at Optimus Alive! in Lisbon.


Giuseppe Zanotti launch

Earlier this week, Roisin attended the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Boutique launch party, which was held in London.


1998: Roisin's not a doctor

Blog reader Baz sent me two unique and unseen pictures of Roisin performing live as part of Moloko. They were taking during the I Am Not A Doctor promo tour in 1998.

Here's what Baz had to say about Roisin and the pictures:

"I've been a fan of Roisin and Moloko since seeing their wondrously weird performance on The White Room in 1996, so compared to many fans, I've been one since almost the beginning. That TV performance made a huge impression on me... it was totally different to anything else I'd seen or heard on the show and I was rather enamoured by this beautiful yet scary redhead and her strange stuttering dance movements singing Dominoid with a woman either side of her holding lights and moving them about as she sang. It had bags of moodiness and mystery. The following Monday, I bought the single. Then 3 days later, the album!

I got to see Moloko just once, on October 29th 1998 here in Liverpool at a venue called The Lomax and it remains the best live performance I've ever seen. They were touring I Am Not A Doctor and were supported by Belgian band Hooverphonic. Kid Loco was supposed to do a DJ set but that never happened. The venue was a rather small and intimate one and of course the massive success of Sing It Back was still to come hence being able to see Moloko in an intimate setting and so up close, Roisin was literally a couple of feet away from me.

I was writing a journal at the time and looking at it right now, here's various facts I logged down...

I do vividly remember Eddie trudging across the stage to his keyboards in his cowboy hat and tartan dressing gown! Bless him! Roisin's entrance came as a shock actually because this was the first time I'd ever seen her as a blonde... I was expecting the redhead and her hair was rather short too. She wore a basic black top which had a couple of panels on front of it... it was an LCD counter which counted from 1 to 99 and in reverse "seemingly at random". Quite unusual and visually impressive.

They opened with a moody rendition of Boo. The journal records that Roisin was in full mysterious mood but between songs, she would smile and her face would literally light up. I was rather taken by her genuine beauty!

My fave song was - and remains - Where Is The What If The What Is In Why? and they did a brilliant version of it, much more laid back and slower, similar to the sublime BBC session version they did in 1996. It was so quiet in places and I was so close to Roisin, I swear I could hear her pure vocal as she sang into the mike.

The setlist showed 15 songs... 3 for the encore. Sadly I didn't list all the songs they did (I was beaten to grab the setlist!). The first encore number was a bouncy and quirky instrumental... I recall it being in a similar style to Indigo and Roisin treated us all to a manic dance that was both dazzling and amusing. Mark brought out the stylophone during the encore and was amused by him taking a solo on it. I'd never seen a performer as energetic as Roisin and during the encore she really let herself go and was clearly having a great time.

Of course Roisin is known to be clumsy and accident prone and sure enough on the final number this came right to the surface... she stumbled and somehow got her foot tangled in some wires and all of a sudden, one of Mark's keyboards went crashing to the stage. I remember Mark mischievously waving his fist with a look on his face saying "you swine!" and Roisin merrily carried on laughing all the while!

They went down brilliantly and the following months newsletter from the venue reported on it saying that Moloko had "played a blinder" and a blinder it most certainly was."

About the pictures: "There's one of Roisin and Mark and the one of Roisin solo is from the first encore number and she's in mid dance... a great amusing photo."


Roisin at Rock Werchter

Not only was it Roisin's birthday on Saturday, she also performed at the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium.

Newspaper De Morgen described her performance as 'building up towards an orgasm', with Overpowered as 'the ultimate climax'.

Studio Brussel had an exclusive backstage interview with Roisin. You can check it out here.

Thanks to Michel for the pictures!


B'estfest 2008

An amazing picture of Roisin performing in the Romanian capital Bucharest last night, courtesy of Alex Barbulescu.

Blog reader Marius described the show as the best hour of his life:

"There were more than 10.000 people in the audience and it was simply breathtaking. Everyone clapped and danced and sang and it was quite surprising that people knew her songs."

O2 Wireless interview

A nice little interview with Roisin, backstage at the O2 Wireless festival in London.

In a Channel 4 interview at the festival Roisin admitted to enjoy performing in central London because she "can take the bus home". She described her summer festival life as follows:

"I come home and cry, sleep for a couple of days and then go back on the road."

One year today!

Yes, yet another birthday as today it's one year ago since I started this blog about the lovely Roisin Murphy.

I would like to thank all Miss Murphy devotees for all your visits and positive feedback. It makes it all worthwhile!

A special 'thank you' goes out to Betty, who always sends me the nicest pictures of Roisin. x.

As a celebration I can show you these two backstage pictures from the Movie Star video shoot, kindly sent to me by Simon Henwood:

Photo © Simon Henwood 2008

Photo © Simon Henwood 2008


Happy Murphy Birthday!

Hooray, it's Roisin's 35th birthday today. Let's all wish her many happy returns!


O2 Wireless

A picture of Roisin performing at the O2 Wireless Festival in London's Hyde Park yesterday afternoon.

You can view a few more pictures here.


Glastonbury backstage

Another backstage picture from the Glastonbury festival, sent to me by the lovely Betty.

Movie Star - Uncensored

Finally, the official & uncensored video for Movie Star has arrived!


WOUND Magazine picture

A picture of Roisin from the current edition of WOUND Magazine, taken by Peter Zownir.

Click here to see the full feature.