7 Hills preview

Here is an exclusive preview of 7 Hills, a song Roisin recorded with Tony Christie for his upcoming album Now's The Time:

I really like that Roisin sounds quite bluesy on this song. What do you think?

Tony Christie's album will be released on 14 January 2011.


One million hits

Earlier today this blog received its millionth hit. When I started this page on 07/07/07 I never expected this landmark would be reached just 3 years down the line.

Thanks to all Roisin devotees for your visits and support!

Hopeless Optimist


Roisin in Milan

Roisin at Alcatraz in Milan two nights ago. Read a great review here (in Italian).


Aubin & Wills - the Xmas film

Aubin & Wills have now released their Christmas film, featuring Roisin and Alex James. Click here to check it out.

Milan DJ set on Tuesday

Tuesday Monday, 30 November, Roisin will perform a DJ set in Alcatraz in Milan, Italy.

More info


Roisin in Kiev

Two pictures of Roisin in the Ukrainian capital Kiev earlier this month, where she attended the opening a Damien Hirst exhibition at the Sanahunt gallery. She also did a DJ set at the event.



Roisin works with The Bullitts

My favourite Roisin news is music news, so I am pleased that for a second day in row I have some for you.

It has been announced that Roisin has worked with the mysterious new act The Bullitts. The results of this collaboration will appear on the act's debut album, which is entitled They Die By Dawn and will be released next year.

However, we may hear the song before as the band will release a series of downloadable 'FlixTapes', a unique take on the mix tape as it features famous artists reinterpreting classic TV theme tunes and film soundtracks. A couple have already been released and can be downloaded for free.

Visit http://thebullitts.com/ to view the first two FlixTapes.

Picture: Roisin in Moscow (thanks Betty!)


Roisin in Moscow

A picture of Roisin performing her DJ set in Moscow on Saturday. The Russians welcomed her with open arms at the ID:OLOGY Party.

Also check out this video of Royal T & Demon Lover:

Tony Christie release date

In the summer we got news that Roisin recorded a duet with Tony Christie for his new album.

I can now reveal that the album will be titled Now's The Time and will be released on 7 February next year. The songs will have a soulful sound, going back to Christie's musical roots.

On the cover of an almanac

Roisin and Alex James on the cover of the Aubin & Wills Christmas Almanac 2010.

Online version


Christmas with Roisin

These amazing photos come from the Aubin & Wills Almanac for Christmas 2010. Roisin once again teamed up with Blur's Alex James for the label's latest campaign.

View the Almanac here



More from Electronic Beats

A few more pictures from the Electronic Beats festival in Berlin last night. Watch a short video here.

Thanks to Christoph & Betty!

Berlin last night

Blog reader Aron sent me this picture of Roisin's performance at the 10th edition of the Electronic Beats festival in Berlin last night. According to him the DJ show was 'big'.

Thanks Aron!



Two more pictures of Roisin and Clodagh hanging out together in London last night.

H&M Homeware

London last night...

Roisin & her daughter Clodagh

Roisin & Sophie Ellis Bextor

Both these pictures were taken at the launch of the H&M Home Collection. The event took place in the H&M store in London's Oxford Street.


Demon Lover - Audio Monsters Remix

Cause you're a demon lover under the cover, but that don't make it right.

While I was on a lovely vacation in the sun this remix of Roisin's long awaited song Demon Lover emerged. It features UK rapper Wiley and it is the first time we get to hear the studio vocals for the song.

After this little surprise the actual studio version should hit cyberspace soon, I hope!

Roisin at Elton John ball

Over the weekend Elton John organised the Aids Foundation Ball in London and Roisin was one of the many famous guests.

At event the Roisin also performed a DJ set, for which she changed into a different outfit:


New music: Boadicea

Mason feat. Roisin Murphy - Boadicea by Mason

Here it is: Roisin's collaboration with Mason! The track is called Boadicea and will feature on Mason's debut album. I am very excited about this!

Click here to find an explanation for the song's title and lyrics.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Sing It Back acoustic

Seriously, can one ever tire of this song?

I once had this performance of Sing It Back on a VHS tape (remember those?). Now I am very happy to have found it on a medium that's less likely to suffer from wear and tear. Enjoy!

By the way, I am off on a little holiday so there will be no updates for the next 1.5 weeks.


One more

Another shot from the Aubin & Wills campaign.

From the Almanac

What a photo!

The wonderful Aubin & Wills campaign reminds me a lot of the legendary photo shoot for Moloko's Statues album. The natural and everyday settings, together with the absence of model poses, create something beautifully raw and real.

There are plenty more pictures in The Aubin & Wills Almanac, of which you can also order your own free copy!

Thanks Betty! x

Aubin & Wills film stills

Roisin for Aubin & Wills

Check out these amazing shots from the new Aubin & Wills campaign for autumn 2010, which features Roisin and Alex James from Blur.

The styling was done by Bay Garnett and the photos were taken by Tom Craig.

There is also a short film on the Aubin & Wills website. Roisin is looking more radiant than ever! Check it out here.

Buy the outfits Roisin is wearing on the Aubin & Wills site.


A few updates

As the title says, a few updates on Roisin. Firstly, the wonderful picture above of Roisin at the Pam Hogg show during London Fashion week, found here by Betty.

For more on Roisin's DJ set in Legends in Manchester over the past weekend check Juri's page on songkick.com. There are some exclusive pictures and videos there.

Plus a few more pictures: Fashion Week, Legends 1 & Legends 2


Salford this weekend

This weekend Roisin will also be one of the performers at the Un-Convention event in Salford. It's not quite clear what exactly she will be doing, but possibly a multimedia DJ set.

"The goal of Un-Convention is to bring together like minded individuals to discuss the future of independent music," as their website states.

More info

*Update: it will indeed be a DJ set


HomoElectric Manchester

This Friday, October 1st, Roisin will perform a DJ set at HomoElectric in Manchester, UK.

Click here for more information.

Demon Lover update

Roisin spoke to The Independent about her upcoming release of Demon Lover (when?) and her wish to work with Daft Punk:

* For her next trick, Irish pop's proto-Gaga Roisin Murphy has been in the studio working on an "epic track" with a coterie of UK hip-hop artists. "Demon Lover", she told me cheerfully at Somerset House during London Fashion Week, is "a bit of an all-star event, with lots of British talent like Wiley and Kano". But the singer, 37 (best known as the former frontwoman of Moloko), explained that the band at the top of her wish list of collaborators had proven elusive so far. "I never normally say who I'd collaborate with, but the truth is – and it may never happen – it would be a dream come true to work with [art-house electro outfit] Daft Punk. How do you track them down, though? I mean, they live in a subway in Paris or something." Murphy will next be able to catch the perennially helmeted Parisians appearing briefly in December's sci-fi sequel Tron: Legacy, for which they've composed the soundtrack.

Picture: megamegamega


Run NYC pictures

Two nights ago Roisin was at Aqua Kyoto in London to celebrate the launch of Foot Locker's RUN NYC collection.


Naomi 25 years

Last night Roisin attended a party celebrating Naomi Campbell's 25 year career as a top model.

The party was hosted by Dolce & Gabbana in London.

Kylie glamour

Kylie Minogue has tweeted Roisin on her recent Twitter picture saying: 'Lady, you STILL give glamour!'

How could we possibly disagree with Miss Minogue? Speaking of her, I am totally hooked on Change Your Mind, an unreleased song from the Aphrodite album sessions.



I just found this rare picture of Roisin by Alexis Maryon on a new & pretty Tumblr blog.

The blog is dedicated entirely to Mickey Murphy's Daughter, a.k.a. Roisin Murphy. Click here to check it out.

More from Fashion Week

Roisin was rubbing shoulders with celebrities last night at the Giles Deacon Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show in London. On the left she is with Amber Rose, Kanye West's ex girlfriend. On the right she is sitting next to Kerry Katona, a former member of the girl-group Atomic Kitten.

Don't forget to check Roisin's Twitter page. It's full of exclusive shots of Roisin during fashion week, the cutest being this one...

Roisin's comment: "Chilling between shows at my pr's office in his shirt....oh the glamour"


Pam Hogg Spring/Summer 2011

London Fashion Week is in full swing and yesterday Roisin attended the Pam Hogg show in at On/Off.

Lately Roisin has been keeping us in the loop on her outfits via her official Twitter page. Click here to check out all her candid pictures.

Surely the picture below is the funniest one we've seen so far, taken backstage at a fashion show in London the other day...


Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog much lately. I've been a bit busy in other areas of my life...

Here are two exclusive pictures of Roisin taken on the 5th of July 2003, her 30th birthday. They were taken by photographer Marko Krunic in Roisin's hotel room in Novi Sad, Serbia. At the time she was touring Europe with Moloko to promote the Statues album.

Thanks to Marko Krunic


Roisin loves NY

Roisin is in New York for the city's Fashion Week. She posted two candid photos of herself on her Twitter page. Nice!

Before I forget, check out a great interview & feature over at vogue.it.



Don't forget Roisin is performing at Woo! The Drop in Naples this weekend, an event she had to cancel a few months ago.

Click here for more information.