Roisin in Milan

Roisin at Alcatraz in Milan two nights ago. Read a great review here (in Italian).


Anonymous said...

i was there and i have to say, i wasn't fully satisfied by the set. there was something wrong going on. perhaps it was the audio system; from time to time roisin asked the techincian to turn the volume up/down. or maybe she had problems with her voice: for instance she skipped the whole second verse of royal t. then she would let the audience sing very frequently... frequently enough to get suspicous. there hasn't been any phsycal contact with the audience: roisin never stepped down the stage neither lended her hand towards the audience.
i would say she was in a bad mood, but then again she seemed to have fun at dj-ing, and 'forever more' was vocally flawless. i'm quite clueless.

sorry for complaining, all in all it was a good show, it's just... i have high standards when it's about roisin. it was my fourth gig and she really spoiled me through the years.


Lou said...

I really want to know what that song is in the DJ sets she does!!

Anonymous said...

ps: both the dress and the setlist were the same one from the dj-set in moscow:

let me know (joey negro mix)
royal t
demon lover
forever more
momma's place
you know me better
(royal t, the instrumental version of the mix heard @ viktor&rolf showcase)


dimagog said...

Lou, it's Crookers' remix for "Thunderstruck", originally performed by AC/DC.

Lou said...

Ahh thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Quite simply the lamest thing I have ever seen her do.

loramusica said...

...here in Ukraine we had never seen Roisin live sets :) of course, she was in Kiev, but no one knew about it,and I even suppose that she played a dj set but just for all that fashionable-glamourous people... Well I`m huge fan of Roisin, but the table with equipment takes a lot of her attention and gives no chances to communicate with audience like it was with the band before. she does the whole that work by herself.

Anonymous said...

what does she have against Los Angeles????!!!??? she never plays here! Only New York. BOOO!

Cel Jr. said...

i'd like to know if this is a song, or just some set she've done. thanks.