Cover girl!

For those of you who missed it: this is the lovely cover of the 05 July edition of Boyz magazine, which featured an exclusive interview with Roisin.


Sweet Nothings - Lyrics

Here they are, the lyrics of the delightful Overpowered b-side Sweet Nothings:

I feel hopelessly optimistic
Though I try to tell myself to be realistic
I can almost taste it
You know it's real when you don't have to chase it

I feel this time
I can trust it
This time
If there's an adjustice
If these senses do not deceive me
I think I found myself a love I can believe me

Sweet sweet nothings
Keep me coming
Back for more
Those sweet sweet nothings
Should be running
Out the door

Sweet sweet nothings
Keep me coming
Those sweet sweet nothings
I should be running
Out the door

Baby I don't have no crazy expectation
As a matter of fact I don't need an explanation
Love ain't meant to be no pure perfection
As long as we can make the right connection
I say this time I can feel it
Cause this time, I can believe it
Gimme the fairytale in me
Let's do this thing
Stop pretending

It took a chain of dissappointment to come to this
I guess my choices to be a little hit and miss
I learned every move along the way
Heard every lie
I never heard him say

Sweet sweet nothings
Keep me coming
Back for more
Those sweet sweet nothings
Should be running
Out the door

Sweet sweet nothings
Keep me coming
Those sweet sweet nothings
I should be running
Out the door

Roisin sings it back

Roisin performed two tracks for last night's Pete Tong on BBC Radio one. She sang Overpowered and the famous Sing it Back/I Feel Love medley.

You can either listen to the show online or download each of the tracks!


Modern Timing

Click here to download four and a half minutes of disco madness that goes by the name of Modern Timing.

The song is written and produced by Roisin Murphy and Ivan Corraliza, professionally known as ill Factor.

Thank you EMI, for this lovely little album taster!



Official press release for new album

EMI Records is proud to present 'Overpowered', the second album from Róisín Murphy. A heady mix of electronic dance anthems, soul-stirring pop songs, deep, dark funk and quirky lyrical genius, 'Overpowered' is a thrilling and contemporary marriage of edgy pop and irresistible disco.

Róisín co-wrote and co-produced the entire album, bringing her own vision and focus to these songs whilst working with a variety of producers, writers and mixers to create what is without doubt her finest record; unpredictable, creative, inventive, exciting and hugely accessible.

Working with the likes of Seiji, Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Jimmy Douglass, Ill Factor, Parrot & Dean and Richard X, Róisín has brought her love of the dance floor right to the very heart of the album. 'Overpowered' is the place where pop meets dance and gives birth to a glitter-drenched masterpiece. This is one of the albums of the year - a breathtaking modern classic.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Overpowered
2. You Know Me Better
3. Checkin' On Me
4. Let Me Know
5. Movie Star
6. Primitive
7. Footprints
8. Dear Miami
9. Cry Baby
10. Tell Everybody
11. Scarlet Ribbons


Roisin's London Life

Roisin attended the Grazia O2 X Awards last night, held at the Sunbeam Studio in London. Here she is posing with Cathy Dennis. One wonders if the subject of the Calvin Harris tracks (which were written by Dennis) arose between the two of them.

Go to the editorial section of Getty Images for more pictures from the event.


Roisin in concert 2007

Wed 22: Sfinks - Sopot, Poland
Thu 23: Zamek - Poznan, Poland
Sat 25: Green Beat Festival - Belgrade, Serbia
Mon 27: INmusic Festival - Zagreb, Croatia
Wed 29: Millenaris Teatrum - Budapest, Hungary
Fri 31: La Batie Festival - Geneva, Switzerland

Fri 7: Cois Fharraige - Co. Clare, Ireland
Sat 8: Moles - Bath, UK
Sun 9: The Big Top@Bestival - Isle of Wight, UK
Thu 20: The Hospital - Covent Garden, London (see Q4music.com)

Tue 27: Koko - Camden, London (Buy tickets here)


Roisin's Irish roots

Former Moloko frontwoman Roisin Murphy is desperate to return to her Irish roots - by recording traditional Celtic tunes.

The singer insists she's keen to explore the music of her place of birth, and criticises artists who try too hard to harness quintessential Irish melodies. She says, "I could do an Irish ballad or ten. I don't like wispy Irish music - they sound like they're pretending to be Irish. I like the rough stuff. I'd have to be more of a queen of the tinkers".

From PR-Inside.com


Why miniskirts matter

> I came from the class of the wheeler-dealer. Everyone in my family has run their own business. It made me completely useless at working for anyone.

> I got my own flat at 16, after my parents broke up. It was a chance to stand on my own two feet early on. Irish kids tend to stay with their mothers till they get married – it can hold you back a bit.

> My mother and father got engaged two weeks after they met, and married two weeks after that, with everyone freaking out. I certainly didn't learn how to have a healthy relationship from them.

> I work with men all the time. You have to be sexy – men don't relate to unsexy women – but you have to have a wall as well.

> I have a soft spot for 1960s clothes. Those ideals are still relevant now – expression, freedom, miniskirts.

> I love night culture. It's about aspiration. People can be who they'd love to be; bigger and better, more themselves. Obviously, drinking and dressing up help.

> With age, I'm grateful for what I've got, because I've lost things along the way – a band, friends, relationships.

> Walking my jack russell, Charlie, makes me happy. Walking is so fundamental – the same rhythm as your heart, your biochemistry. You can get lost in yourself. That's important.

This article was published in Sunday's style supplement of The Sunday Times.


Overpowered - Behind the scenes

Another little gem from YouTube: "It's just about being overpowered with love".


Roisin goes sleazy for album cover

We can reveal that Roisin Murphy has gone sleazy for the cover photo of her new album, which will be released this Autumn.

Roisin teamed up with graphic designer/artist Scott King, who used to work for i-D and Sleaze Nation to design the sleeve for "Overpowered". This is what she has to say about their collaboration: "He put me on the front cover in the back of a van being shagged by a roadie". Let's wait and see if EMI approves.

Click here to visit Scott King's website


A gay diva in the making?

Roisin gave an exclusive interview to this week's edition of gay nightlife magazine Boyz (issue 828). Amongst other things, she spoke about her new album and a certain Calvin Harris.

You’ve worked with some amazing artists for this album? How do you select which songs go on? I wrote like thirty songs that were all good, because I worked with all good people. Actually, sorting out the best ones is quite a tricky thing. I worked with Richard X, and Seiji from Bugz In The Attic. He really the broke the back of it for me. He warmed me up. I wrote like six songs with him before I went anywhere else. Then I went off and did stuff in America with Ill. I wrote with people in Sheffield, I wrote with Parrot and Dean from All Seeing I too.

What about Calvin Harris? No comment. It’s not very fair on him to have stuff said about him.

But he said stuff about you? Yeah, but he’s young. He shouldn’t have. But I’m not going to blame him for it.

Click here to read the complete interview


A day for getting physical

Hooray! Today the first single of Roisin Murphy's new album is physically released in the UK. These are the formats with tracklistings:

CD Single:
1. Overpowered
2. Foolish
3. Sweet Nothings
4. Overpowered [Seamus Haji Remix]
5. Overpowered [Kris Menace Remix]
6. Overpowered [Video]

1. Overpowered
2. Foolish
3. Overpowered [Kris Menace Remix]
4. Overpowered [Seamus Haji Remix]
5. Overpowered [Herve Mix]

It is interesting to note that the single is released as a so-called taster for the album and will not be charting. It is not quite clear why EMI has choosen such a marketing strategy.


For the record: Harris on Murphy

This is what Calvin Harris had to say about the lovely Miss Murphy to POPJUSTICE.COM:

What's been the biggest disappointment of your year so far? I did some songs with Cathy Dennis for the Roisin Murphy album but then Roisin decided not to use them because she is a bit mental. She must be crazy because the songs are really good and Cathy Dennis is obviously legendary. That was a disappointment partly it might also have taken some of the Kylie heat off me for a while. That's all got a bit ridiculous.

It would probably take someone a bit more famous than Roisin Murphy to take 'the Kylie heat' off you. Really, I'd just like it if people knew that I sometimes work with people who aren't Kylie. I'm not her little production bitch!

What are you going to do with the Roisin cast-offs? WELL! I'm not allowed to do anything with them for legal reasons. I now have two backing tracks that are completely wasted. Geez! What else Roisin - are you going pay my bill now, you twat? She fucking cost me all sorts of money and now she's not even using the songs. Honestly, the world of pop music – I don't like it at all.

Click here to read the full interview.


"Larger than normal!"

Roisin spoke to Ed Potton of The Times about the Overpowered video and her longing for big crowds that sing along to her tunes.

The Overpowered video is about how reality often fails to measure up to the three-ring circus inside her head. "Most of my life is mundane. I spend most of it waiting at the bus stop of my imagination, dreaming about the next time I'm going to connect. As a performer, you can’t help but really only be fully alive when you’re performing."

What she hopes will change with her new album – also called Overpowered and due for release in October – is the number of people who witness that performance. "I'm really imagining fair-sized crowds at my shows," Murphy says, smiling one of her pursed, wonky smiles. She reconsiders again. "Large, even – large crowds! Larger than normal! And they know all of the words! That's what I'm focused on."

Click here to read the interview on The Times website.

"Goodnight my beauties"

This morning Roisin Murphy appeared on Channel 4's Popworld to reveal the final words she will utter to her children and grandchildren one day: "Goodnight my beauties". Watch the clip to witness this tear-jerking moment yourself.