"Larger than normal!"

Roisin spoke to Ed Potton of The Times about the Overpowered video and her longing for big crowds that sing along to her tunes.

The Overpowered video is about how reality often fails to measure up to the three-ring circus inside her head. "Most of my life is mundane. I spend most of it waiting at the bus stop of my imagination, dreaming about the next time I'm going to connect. As a performer, you can’t help but really only be fully alive when you’re performing."

What she hopes will change with her new album – also called Overpowered and due for release in October – is the number of people who witness that performance. "I'm really imagining fair-sized crowds at my shows," Murphy says, smiling one of her pursed, wonky smiles. She reconsiders again. "Large, even – large crowds! Larger than normal! And they know all of the words! That's what I'm focused on."

Click here to read the interview on The Times website.

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