A gay diva in the making?

Roisin gave an exclusive interview to this week's edition of gay nightlife magazine Boyz (issue 828). Amongst other things, she spoke about her new album and a certain Calvin Harris.

You’ve worked with some amazing artists for this album? How do you select which songs go on? I wrote like thirty songs that were all good, because I worked with all good people. Actually, sorting out the best ones is quite a tricky thing. I worked with Richard X, and Seiji from Bugz In The Attic. He really the broke the back of it for me. He warmed me up. I wrote like six songs with him before I went anywhere else. Then I went off and did stuff in America with Ill. I wrote with people in Sheffield, I wrote with Parrot and Dean from All Seeing I too.

What about Calvin Harris? No comment. It’s not very fair on him to have stuff said about him.

But he said stuff about you? Yeah, but he’s young. He shouldn’t have. But I’m not going to blame him for it.

Click here to read the complete interview


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