For the record: Harris on Murphy

This is what Calvin Harris had to say about the lovely Miss Murphy to POPJUSTICE.COM:

What's been the biggest disappointment of your year so far? I did some songs with Cathy Dennis for the Roisin Murphy album but then Roisin decided not to use them because she is a bit mental. She must be crazy because the songs are really good and Cathy Dennis is obviously legendary. That was a disappointment partly it might also have taken some of the Kylie heat off me for a while. That's all got a bit ridiculous.

It would probably take someone a bit more famous than Roisin Murphy to take 'the Kylie heat' off you. Really, I'd just like it if people knew that I sometimes work with people who aren't Kylie. I'm not her little production bitch!

What are you going to do with the Roisin cast-offs? WELL! I'm not allowed to do anything with them for legal reasons. I now have two backing tracks that are completely wasted. Geez! What else Roisin - are you going pay my bill now, you twat? She fucking cost me all sorts of money and now she's not even using the songs. Honestly, the world of pop music – I don't like it at all.

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sususoodya said...

Harris is business, Roisin is heart.

Ohajiabadi said...

A seriuos misjudgement by lovely Mrs. Murphy not to use the Dennis/Harris material. Would've loved to hear her on that...