Comme un garçon

Another preview of the Dancian shoot from Zoo Magazine issue 25.

Roisin is wearing a coat, top, shorts and shoes by Comme des Garçons and leggings by Digitaria London. (credits)

Once again thanks to Igor at Zoo Magazine!


Another Zoo Magazine preview

Lust for Life
Róisín Murphy delves deeper into her two passions

by Daryoush Haj-Najafi/photography Dancian

Excerpts from the Zoo Magazine interview:


Daryoush Haj-Najafi: What’s the current challenge? The new track, Orally Fixated, is high-energy, pounding 80s-style song writing and pop re-imagined for the 21st century.
Róisín Murphy: The new record is dirtier, more straightforward, more in your face. That’s more challenging than being avant-garde to me. Having come from a point where I couldn't even sing and hadn't a clue, every single record has been a massive leap in understanding - just to get through it, that's what I'm addicted to. It's like being an adrenalin junkie.
This new record is meant to be more urban sounding, drawing on the UK’s breed of funky house. British black music is starting to come together now and have its own identity outside of American terms. I am a performer and ironically, it took me a long time to realize that. At this point, I'm really enjoying being free to make the shows and put the clothes together in a way I want.


DHN: You do seem to have this weird affect on people: you’re really famous and some sort of fashion icon.
RM: A fashion icon with a massive belly! I'm not at all famous! I'm not at all!


DHN: And you’re super famous in Belgium and Finland.
RM: Yeah, where they’re all manically-depressed. [laughs] I love the Belgians; they are genius. My favorite artist of all time is Rubens. I saw Rubens’ The Union of Earth and Water in St. Petersburg the other day. It’s the most perfect picture of a man and woman you’ve ever seen in your life. The characters are so real, it perfectly encapsulates the most realistic, yet romantic notions of what a relationship between a man and a woman is. He’s Earth and he’s really strong, he’s not even looking into the picture. He’s looking at her, it’s all about her and she just looks so intelligent, she looks like she's got it right sussed. He’s strong and grounded and there for her and she’s clever. It’s just a brilliant picture.


DHN: Will you be taking a break after the baby’s born?
RM: Not very long off. I'm very healthy - haven't really stopped working since I got pregnant. Touch wood everything goes to plan and I'll be out and about next summer touring and stuff.

You can read the complete interview in issue 25 of Zoo Magazine.


Preview: Zoo Magazine cover

Here's an exclusive sneak preview of the first of two Zoo Magazine covers (issue 25, 2009/2010) featuring a pregnant Roisin. Check back later for the second cover and a preview of the interview.

The full credits for Zoo Magazine's Roisin feature:

Lust for Life
Róisín Murphy delves deeper into her two passions

By Daryoush Haj-Najafi/photography Dancian

Fashion Editor: Sarah Bachs
Hair: Kenichi @ Caren Agency, using Bumble and Bumble
Makeup: Ayami Nishimura
Makeup Assistant: Joanna Banach
Fashion Editor’s Assistant: Ruth Lexington

Website: http://www.zoomagazine.de/

Thanks to Igor from Zoo Magazine!

Zoo Magazine exclusive

I can exclusively reveal that a pregnant Roisin will grace the cover of the next issue of Zoo Magazine. Roisin was photographed for the magazine by Dancian and interviewed by Daryoush Haj-Najafi.

Keep checking this space, as I will soon have an exclusive preview of the cover & photoshoot.


Momma & the baby are on their way

This morning Roisin left a message on her official message board, in which she reveals the baby is due soon and that Momma's Place will be the next bit of music we will hear from her. I seriously can't wait for this one... :

Hello everybody,
I have been well and truly out of the loop for four weeks now, I have escaped to the Irish countryside. I am still waiting for a special arrival, surely only a matter of days away! Although I can't do promotion or worry about photos and videos I left some music for you. I believe in this music, and I need to, as it will have to stand alone without the usual hoopla that goes with releasing singles.

I have been so prolific in the last few months and I really feel that can continue over the next years, so I thought what do I have to lose by allowing the music to surface, when there is plenty more where that came from? Better I allow the music to find its way out there, than sit on it till I have the time to do a big old promotion.

Three tracks in all will be rolled out over the course of my convalescence, the next one is called Momma's Place and it’s a Banger!!! There has been a lot of talk about buzz singles and such but I don’t really get that. I am not singed to a record label right now and this is not a highly planned campaign. I am not trying to be commercial and I am not trying to be non-commercial. I am simply releasing tracks and I expect they will each find there own level. I might as well let the songs live; perhaps I am in life-giving mode!

So please enjoy the music for now and when I am able and ready my plans are sure to evolve into something much more.


The baby & music

A few moments ago, Roisin posted the following message on Facebook:

hey my sweets... the baby is near and so is another single... im really excited for you all to hear this one... its something that is very me and is a fun one .. think overpowered part 2... love you all and thanks for the support.. ro xx


Moloko memories 2000

The Time Is Now.

A nice picture of Roisin and Mark Brydon I came across today, courtesy of Michel Mees.

Roisin works with Mason

Roisin has recorded a track with Dutch producers duo Mason for their debut album, which will be released sometime in the new year.

The duo approached Roisin to give the album a 'warm organic feel'. Due to other commitments it took some planning before the three musicians could meet up in the studio, but when it finally happened the collaboration went very well. As Iason, one of Mason's members, said: "She is a very professional artist. It's a great honour to work with someone like her".

Source: oor.nl


NME: It's a must hear

According to NME, Roisin's new single Orally Fixated is one of the 'must hear' tracks of the week:

Er... cripes. Roisin's been the mistress of formidable dancefloor pop ever since her Moloko days, and she just keeps getting better. Opening with Alice In Wonderland cries of 'eat me' and 'drink me', the scarily deep techno-house and cavernous drums of this track suggest a world of out-of-control passion to get lost in before morphing into Basement Jaxx-ish hip-hop-house-pop.

If you're not yet Orally Fixated don't forget the track is out now on iTunes.



RBMA Radio show

Click here to visit Red Bull Music Academy Radio and listen to a great show presented by Roisin herself. Alternatively you can listen via the embedded player:

In the hour long show, Roisin talks about her musical inspirations and making "electronic poppy dance music". It's definitely worth a listen!


Free download now online!

Click here to download Orally Fixated for free from The Guardian website, available for a very limited time only.



Swiss music retailer CeDe is advertising a yet to be titled Roisin Murphy album, to be released on 5 March 2010:

Though there has been no official confirmation, this could well be the release date for Roisin's long awaited third album.


Roisin speaks to Out

Roisin has spoken to US magazine Out about her current musical project. She has promised to release three singles and is asking fans to be patient while she takes some time out to become a mother.

Click here to watch the video, which also features a preview of a recent photo shoot.


Orally Fixated - the verdict

So, one day after you first heard it, what are your thoughts on Orally Fixated?

Personally I am pleased and excited to hear Roisin's new sound, but also feel this song has 'buzz single' written all over it. (A 'buzz single' is released as a treat to fans and draws attention to an artist leading up to a major release.) A few weeks ago Roisin herself said: "I will be giving you guys a song to download for free also, probably Orally Fixated" (source).

It’s great news that Orally Fixated will also be released in the US. This makes a lot of sense in the digital age, when just about every song can be found on the web, wherever you are in world. Roisin is dropping the single via AWAL (which stands for Artists Without a Label) which gives her full control over the distribution to major online stores and download sites. This means there is no interference from record companies and their agendas.

I expect the first proper single release (Demon Lover?) to more or less coincide with the release of Roisin's next album, which she is still working on. As she will probably take a few months of 'maternity leave' before making any promotional commitments, the album is likely to have a spring release. In the meantime let's all give Roisin a well deserved baby break and look forward to a wonderfully funky spring.

Roisin Murphy for Kai Kuhne

Roisin Murphy for Kai Kuhne - photographed by Mark Squire

Click here to view the complete gallery.

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Orally Fixated

From pitchfork.com:

Is that a picture of Irish dance-pop ice-queen Róisín Murphy? It's not her Slutty Betty Draper Halloween costume. It's the cover of the former Moloko singer's forthcoming single "Orally Fixated", which we're guessing isn't about her compulsive need to brush her teeth seven times a day.

In the UK, "Orally Fixated" will drop November 16 via AWAL. In the U.S., it'll be out a day later. You'll be able to cop it from iTunes, and The Guardian will offer a free download for 48 hours. It will also be streaming via Murphy's Facebook and MySpace pages.

At the moment, Murphy is nine months pregnant, but she's still working on new music. That's dedication! She's got three new singles on the way, due next year.

Single update

An update from Roisin herself, posted on Facebook:

Hi ya guys... Single Announcement with the title and new single artwork will be going up at www.pitchfork.com in the next hour or so... Take a look there...Once that goes live the stream of the new single will be live here at FACEBOOK! Stay tuned... its coming soon, I promise... and sorry for technical delays...R xx


Demon Lover... or?

Rumour has it that Demon Lover will not be the first single off Roisin's upcoming album. Whatever the case may be, we shall find out tomorrow!

*Update 02/11: Demon Lover will indeed NOT be the first single. Let the countdown begin...