Orally Fixated - the verdict

So, one day after you first heard it, what are your thoughts on Orally Fixated?

Personally I am pleased and excited to hear Roisin's new sound, but also feel this song has 'buzz single' written all over it. (A 'buzz single' is released as a treat to fans and draws attention to an artist leading up to a major release.) A few weeks ago Roisin herself said: "I will be giving you guys a song to download for free also, probably Orally Fixated" (source).

It’s great news that Orally Fixated will also be released in the US. This makes a lot of sense in the digital age, when just about every song can be found on the web, wherever you are in world. Roisin is dropping the single via AWAL (which stands for Artists Without a Label) which gives her full control over the distribution to major online stores and download sites. This means there is no interference from record companies and their agendas.

I expect the first proper single release (Demon Lover?) to more or less coincide with the release of Roisin's next album, which she is still working on. As she will probably take a few months of 'maternity leave' before making any promotional commitments, the album is likely to have a spring release. In the meantime let's all give Roisin a well deserved baby break and look forward to a wonderfully funky spring.


Jüri said...

Agree with you 100%

and I mean in my opinion if Madonna's Ray of Light album is anything to go by, this will be Róisín's best record yet we just need to be super patient!

Someone from Poland said...

"In the meantime let's all give Roisin a well deserved baby break and look forward to a wonderfully funky spring." - this is exactly this,what I want to do.

Thank you,Hopeless Optimist :)

Luke said...

I wouldn't mind "OF" being a single, but I just think the songs we heard live were much better than this. Although OF isn't bad at all!

Lianne said...

The first time I heard it was simply overload of so many different beats and weird voices and annoying sounds. But this is exactly why I love Róisín so much! I mean, I still discover things in Ruby Blue I didn't hear before.

I really think you're right, that this song is a bit of a teaser. Fine by me though, we have more than enough old material to keep us occupied for now!

Sandy said...

it´s a song that grows on you...totally loving it!!! (after listening several times)
all the best for the baby roisin murphy !!!

Wrong Guy said...

Perfect song, perfect lyrics
maybe a little provocative to draw attention,but she deserves our attention!

joana said...

you couldn't have said it better.

Someone from Poland said...

From this moment I have my own officially unofficial profile :)
So, to the wonderfully funky spring, Roisin, when the new fire will burns again in my stereo :)

Lee B. said...

I wrote what I thought about the track in that other post but having listened to it more now it's grown on me more... I mean, I did like it at first but not that much...

Aaaanyways, I DO like it and I'm glad we've got and are getting new Róisín material! :D

Anonymous said...

sounds amazing and fresh (except the guitar solo)

Stijn said...

I like it! But indeed, it must be a teaser, a "buzz single", as Roisin said the album would be darker than Overpowered, which means more electro and (funky) house I guess. And, on the contrary, this single is so optimistic! But then again, I do like it!

and Thank you so much, "Hopeless Optimist", for having this blog ans keep us up to date with so much dedication!

And if you read this, Róisín, good luck with the baby, and most of all, have fun with it in the coming months (and years of course)! I'm sure this funky spring wil do us all good afterwards!
Kind regards from Belgium (where you are rather big!)

Someone from Poland said...
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Someone from Poland said...

Hi ya Roisin!

I have something yet to add to the song "Orally fixated":

"never never ever gonna fill your cup" - you are wrong, because you already did it.
I meant all your work with Mark Brydon in Moloko band and your two solo album's or many great remixes.

"my baby's never satisfied" - again you are wrong, because for me all this what you created from the beginning to this moment - this is a piece of amazing work and I am satisfied in 100%, you can be sure about this.

From other side, I don't interpret all songs with such details like this one,but it was your dedication finally.
Generally, I love the rythm and your voice in your songs, even if I don't understand the lyrics sometimes.

The most important:
Love from Poland.

PS: Woman,you are rocks :)

stu said...

you need to listen several times for the production elements to disappear. this is a damn good song.