NME: It's a must hear

According to NME, Roisin's new single Orally Fixated is one of the 'must hear' tracks of the week:

Er... cripes. Roisin's been the mistress of formidable dancefloor pop ever since her Moloko days, and she just keeps getting better. Opening with Alice In Wonderland cries of 'eat me' and 'drink me', the scarily deep techno-house and cavernous drums of this track suggest a world of out-of-control passion to get lost in before morphing into Basement Jaxx-ish hip-hop-house-pop.

If you're not yet Orally Fixated don't forget the track is out now on iTunes.


Merilin said...

I totally love the this song. SHE IS SOOO UNIQE.

step by if you care;)

Michel said...
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MirrorCancer said...

Haha why'd you remove your comment Michel? You're entitled to your opinion.

At first, I really didn't like Orally Fixated, at all. But it's totally grown on me; I love it dearly. It's certainly not as good as Overpowered (the single) or the absolutely amazing If We're In Love, but a good song none the less.

Michel said...
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Someone from Poland said...

"a world of out-of-control passion" - this is great, but sometimes the control is necessary too:)

Besides, maybe it just me but in the lyrics in song (Orally Fixated) I hear something other than is writting in lyrics everywhere.
I meant this sentence:

"Cause I ain't got nothin yet
At least not for a greedy little boy" and I hear it in this way:

Cause I ain't got nothing left
less not for you greedy little boy.

Such a detail but this change the meanning.

Mexcreel said...

I hear (and sing along to with headphones well planted on my ears:) );
cause I ain't got nothing left
..least not for a greedy little boy.
I wish and hope all the best for this amazing,funny and totally dance track

Someone from Poland said...

Mexcreel, you hear it also in the different way, so who put such wrong lyrics on official webs?
How I like it...