Aubin & Wills - the short film


Kate said...

I absolutely love it :) the colours are amazing, and Roisin is WOW!! As usual :) good job !

Anonymous said...

i dont get it what is it for. I would prefer Demon Lover

Anonymous said...


Metty said...

hey dude, how can't you get the idea? she is just working as a model again, DUH. damn stop being greedy and listen to old stuff or new stuff then, it's up to you.

Someone from Poland said...
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Anonymous said...

(i'm Lotus but i'm too lazy to log in)

good choice, anonymous! "she's in fashion" definitely suits the mood of the clip. I myself, when i used to hear that tune on the radio, had images of sunny autumnal days in my mind.

Anonymous said...

NME "America never got Roxy (Music), preferring Alice Cooper and Kiss instead. Later, when we produced Suede, Pulp, Blur and Moloko - all Roxy's children - they got Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson. Go figure."

Someone from Poland said...

Of course, you need to take an amendment to the fact that tastes are different ^

Ps: don't be too lazy Lotus to log in here, finally you are one of the members and much longer than I, so be officially unofficial! :)
Through it all I forgot to add something about this fashion clip:
like Hopeless Optimist said lately: "The natural and everyday settings, together with the absence of model poses, create something beautifully raw and real." and I agree with this in 100% & sometimes just wonder what else you preparing for us Lady in the future yet :)
Watching this blog, this is definitely an addiction for me :)

Tortuga said...

wow!she looks absolutely stunning and the video is really beautiful :D

Someone from Poland said...

Yet one: when I talked about the strange things that I like so much from you Róisín,then I had in mind also such:

Róisín Murphy - Dr. Zee - Live At Forest National

Pure pleasure for me and you can call me insane! ^_^

Someone from Poland said...
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Someone from Poland said...
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Someone from Poland said...

I know that this may sounds a bit strange but I remember that sometimes a melange began from Friday evening and end in Monday late evening, and this was the last day and we call it such after party, pff :)
I think that I don't need to tell you what exactly was happen at such "underground party's", however friends meetings in strange places, listening a music (mostly weird things but not always) smoking and not only the cigarettes, talking about something and about nothing etc.
It was a driving without holding the wheel:)
Crazy times! Without comment!:)
But I not practice this from years actually.
Maybe I should start to do it again...never mind:)
Anyway, today is Monday (the after party day) so it must be something thicker for deeper flowing this time:

Level 3 - Around the way (Unknown Mix) 1992

Moloko - Pure pleasure seeker (pleasure for dub uk dub)

Ps: my advice - these tracks are tiring on sober, so not listen this on the sober, pffff :)
What a confession and even if exaggerated, well, I don't care!
Now it's time to take care more about my matters, so excuse me everyone.
I wish you a pleasant listening.

Someone from Poland said...

^ and of course I understand that today is Thursday, but this is simply improved follow-up.