Demon Lover - Audio Monsters Remix

Cause you're a demon lover under the cover, but that don't make it right.

While I was on a lovely vacation in the sun this remix of Roisin's long awaited song Demon Lover emerged. It features UK rapper Wiley and it is the first time we get to hear the studio vocals for the song.

After this little surprise the actual studio version should hit cyberspace soon, I hope!


Loco said...

I prefer de original one.
Anyway, Róisín rocks.

Someone from Poland said...

Not bad but I also prefer the original version.
But it's a pleasure to hear the studio vocals for the song, thanks!
By the way, today I transfered myself a bit to the past again and found this great performance of Pretty Bridges song:


Of course my most favourite is version from Prague but this one have include another rhythms and it's really weird.
Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

WoW !!!!

"smittty!" said...

I need to add "Demon Lover" to my collection of music!!! I need to find this song... someone "HELP ME!" :)

"smittty!" said...
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