Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog much lately. I've been a bit busy in other areas of my life...

Here are two exclusive pictures of Roisin taken on the 5th of July 2003, her 30th birthday. They were taken by photographer Marko Krunic in Roisin's hotel room in Novi Sad, Serbia. At the time she was touring Europe with Moloko to promote the Statues album.

Thanks to Marko Krunic

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Nikola said...

Yeah, I remember, Even though I live close to Novi Sad I couldn't see her live because I was only 11.. She was in Novi Sad then because Moloko was gonna have a concert at EXIT music festival. Amazing festival though! Pendulum, Arctic Monkeys, Crystal Castles and others were this year on Exit. I can't wait to see who's gonna come on Exit in 2011!