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Part 2 of Arjan Writes' amazing interview with Roisin is now online. You can read it here.

Career and music wise, it's a very revealing interview. Some of the highlights of what's in store:

> In October a live DVD will be released.

> Movie Star will be released as a double a-side, along with a cover of Brian Ferry's Slave to Love. The latter will be used in a Gucci ad campaign for a new men's fragrance.

> Roisin will soon go into the studio with her two backing singers "to do like a little sort of girl group thing".

> Roisin is planning a big tour this Autumn, including gigs in the US of A.


Metellus said...

sounds veeeeery fine :)

let's open pink champaigne again!

a. said...


im so excited!

thanks, roisin!


Anonymous said...

At least, a live DVD. I can't wait to be in October. But i'm not sure if i understand well: is it the Live at Ancienne Belgique that will be released on video? I hope so, because the audio CD is just fantastic.

Anonymous said...

All very good news indeed! So exiting. Hope they're not just plans....

Anonymous said...


I hope they put the music videos (including Slave to Love) on the DVD too!

This is unreal. I can't believe I actually thought she was going to get dropped last week because of the lack of Movie Star and news in general. And now all this! A bigger tour, a worldwide release, a live DVD, an ad campaign for Gucci, a brand new song and video... OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea to put also the video clips on the DVD. It's so hard to find them in good quality (i can't stand Youtube no more!)

And why not to put the first clips of Ruby Blue, "I f we're in love" and "Sow into you" also?