Treat her like a lady

Over the weekend, Roisin performed at Live @ Loch Lomond in Scotland. She certainly got the treatment she deserves - that of lady...

From The Daily Record:

Roisin Murphy was carried from the main stage at the festival to her static home backstage so she wouldn't get muddy.

Ian Cruise, from Bothwell band The Gap-Year Riot, who carried her said: "She was worried about getting dirty, so we stepped in."

Roisin was in high spirits because Scots designer Mark Conlin had given her four of his designer dresses for free.

Her spokesman said: "Roisin was absolutely delighted."


Anonymous said...

There are still real gentlemen in show biz' ;-)

But, also, what a pleasure it must be to carry her...

Metellus said...

who's speaking about a lady huh? it's a goddess! no just kidding

but that's sweet anyway, very kind men we have!