Movie Star - remix news

EMI has released a promo for the upcoming release of Movie Star/Slave to Love, which sheds some light on the Movie Star remixes that we can expect.

One of the Movie Star remixers is none other than Junior Sanchez. Other remixes were done by Sam & Di Angelis and Kid Gloves.

This is the track listing of the promo release:

1. Movie Star (Radio Edit)
2. Movie Star
3. Movie Star (Instrumental)
4. Movie Star (Jnrsnchz Lax Mix)
5. Movie Star (Jnrsnchz Cinespace Mix)
6. Movie Star (Sam & Di Angelis She Is Beautiful Mix)
7. Movie Star (Sam & Di Angelis For Jodie Harsh Mix)
8. Movie Star (Kid Gloves Mix)
9. Movie Star (Kid Gloves Dub)
10. Slave To Love
11. Slave To Love (Instrumental)

I will keep you posted!


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