Roisin on EMI and the next album

Roisin has spoken to BBC 6 Music about being singed to a label in crisis, Slave to Love and her next album:

About EMI: "It's difficult because I was on EMI, which no longer exists, so I was floating around being looked after by all sorts of different people. It's pretty difficult not to be frightened a little bit about it.

At the end of the day, I've been around long enough, I think I'll be around if I want to be."

About Slave to Love: "I've done this song Slave To Love which has been used for a Gucci advert - and I get lots of free shoes and stuff – that I did with Sage [Francis]* who I wrote and produced a lot of the record Overpowered with.

It has got that feeling that Overpowered, the track's got. It's really kind of sleepy, synthesised vibe and it's cool - so hopefully people will be able to make the connection between me and it when they're singing it in their living rooms and stuff."

About the next album: "The tracks that I did with Sage* are the spine of Overpowered, and I think if what I do is expand on what I did with Overpowered, or get deeper into it - then I think those are the kinds of sounds that I'll be making."

You can read the full article here.

*Note: this should read Seiji, the producer of Overpowered.


TurtleGirl said...

it's quite comforting to hear that Roisin remains optimistic about her future.
How i wish that future album!

Lee B. said...

I'm glad, the stuff she did with Seiji is my favourite I think. :-D