Movie Star - Junior Sanchez remixes

The Junior Sanchez remixes of Movie Star are now online and they are great indeed!

The following two remixes are on the DJ's MySpace page:

Movie Star - Jnrsnchz Lax Mix
Movie Star - Jnrsnchz Cinespace Mix

Click here to check them out.

Thanks to Cedric! (& sorry for forgetting!)


Bassingthwaighte said...


Thank you soooo much for the link, and the heads up!

Cedric said...

No "thank you to Cedric"?
Oh well... whatever! ;)

Thanks for posting all the things I send to you anyway. :D

Keep up the good work,
Have a nice day,

A Hopeless Optimist said...

Oops, slipping up there! I've now added a little 'thank you' :]

cedric said...

Junior Sanchez is a very kind person. I just asked him to upload his remixes and they were up on his MySpace about 2 hours later! :)
And I got a PM back. ;)

Oh, and the remixes are AMAZING.

Lee B. said...

Really like these! A lot better than the Sam & Kris one...

Anonymous said...

These mixes are tha bomb - especially the 1st one. Thumbs up JNR!

TurtleGirl said...

personally,i love more the first one, as much as i love the Sam & Kris remix, they are both special and sensual

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