A few news bits

> Last night Roisin attended the opening of the Fashion Vs. Sport exhibition in London's Victoria & Albert Museum, which runs until 4 January 2009.

> On the website of Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad there's an interesting item on Roisin Murphy (in Dutch). Click here to watch it.

Thanks to Betty & Angela


Anonymous said...

When does she sleep?

Be careful, Roisin, you're not Superwomen...(in fact, you are).

But try to take a rest, please, at least till Pukkelpop.

Anonymous said...

How you seen that through months her hair are growing longer and longer:)?

Anonymous said...

Yeees! I've just learned yesterday that she will be playing in Brussels in November. She must really love Belgium, it will be the third time this year.
I can't wait.

And who knows, even if Brussels is bigger than Luxemburg, maybe i will cross her by chance in the streets ;-)


TurtleGirl said...
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TurtleGirl said...

good luck with that, and take some pictures please!

Anonymous said...

Talking about her hair, i really liked her when she was red (even if blondes have more fun)...In fact, it turned me crazy. Roisin, pleeeeeease, colour your hair