Herbert & Micachu

This news isn't directly Roisin related, but I would like to report that Matthew Herbert, producer of Roisin's first solo album Ruby Blue, has recorded an album with newcomer Micachu.

The sound of Micachu, aka the 21 year old London songwriter and producer Mica Levi, is somewhat reminiscent of Ruby Blue.

Boomkat describes debut single Golden Phone as follows:

A great piece of lo-fi pop, featuring big, pixellated drum programming, whimsical, ever so slightly cock-er-nee vocal phrasing and hook-laden digital noise emissions, sounding charmingly like a bedsit Santogold.

Go to myspace.com/micayomusic for more on Micachu.

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Baz said...

Nice to read some news about Matthew Herbert since he played a major part in helping make Ruby Blue the dotty wonder that it is! An interesting talent.