Roisin returns to Brussels

On Sunday the 23th of November Roisin Murphy will perform at the Vorst Nationaal in Brussels.

The last time she performed at the venue was in 2003, as part of Moloko. This time around Roisin will be supported by Hercules and Love Affair, the disco house project of New York based DJ Andy Butler.

Vorst Nationaal has a capacity of about 7000 people. Click here for more information (in Dutch) or buy tickets here.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy than she's coming again in Brussels, even if the Ancienne Belgique would have been a better place to see her

But anyway, i already have my ticket ;-)

xolondon said...

I love that tiny pic above! Brilliant!

TurtleGirl said...
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TurtleGirl said...

wow, so there will be a great dance night!
i also love that tiny pic :)

Anonymous said...

7000 Roisin devotees. Wow, that's the spirit!

Glenn said...

My ticket has already arrived ... :aah:
Could I be any more excited? :p

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i've just seen her last two days ago at the Pukkelpop. The gig was a little bit too short, but even better than Wercher (i didn't think it was possible). Roisin's voice was absolutely perfect and once again, she was on another planet, compare to the rest of the whole festival.

See you in Brussel in November


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