Last night in London

Last night Roisin attended an after party following the private view of Jake and Dinos Chapman's new exhibit 'Jake or Dinos Chapman' in The Tab Center in London.


Anonymous said...

Is that Sharleen Spiteri from Texas left to Roisin on the left image? Shame they didn't take a picture together. two of the finest UK singers :-)

michael said...

yup. that's Sharleen Spiteri.

Edgar said...

Will Róisín ever come to Mexico City? :( Just though, already Kylie, Gaga, Madonna, U2, Roger Waters, Friendly Fires, Cut Copy, Hot Chip, Tiesto, I mean why not Róisín?

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LN said...

My regards for Andy,Kim Ann and the great others musicians from the band Hercules and Love Affair.
This new album called Blue songs really surprised me.
Here is just one example of the song called Step Up.
Simply a poesy:)
Greetings from Poland.

LN said...

The same applies to Beth Ditto!
This new EP is fabulous.
I wrote the book - just on example:)

LN said...

Few words about the violence in the streets of the United Kingdom in last night's:

I don't support such actions but I'm not surprised.
Young people without prospects on the future and suppressed frustration collects its harvest.
The only question is what will change?
Do you really think that when you will use the violence you will change the world for the better?
My compassion to the people who lost their private goods like cars,shops,houses etc.
All those material things always can be rebuild (theoretically) but how to restore the lost honor and sense of the security - that is the question.
This is really sad to watch the world in such moments.
What should be done to change this dramatic situation - this is the challenge for the government and for every single person.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Roisin is Irish. @Roisin when are you going to tour again?

muebles lugo said...

This cannot work in fact, that is what I consider.

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It can't succeed in fact, that's what I believe.

Anonymous said...