The making of Boadicea

This is how Boadicea, Roisin's currently single with Dutchmen Mason, came about:

Dutch duo Iason Chronis and Coen Berrier had always been massive fans of Roisin’s since hearing her on early Moloko tracks in their formative years. Having sent over a bunch of their latest ideas it wasn’t long before the Irish diva was enlisted as another star performer on They Are Among Us.

A heavily pregnant Miss Murphy entered a borrowed London studio and over the course of a day came up with the magical performance on Boadicea, somehow inspired by the ancient revolutionary warrior queen! What started life as a slow, deep Italo influenced groove turned into something much more special.

“Working with Roisin was really inspiring” Iason reflects of the recording session. “She breezed into the room and just became this creative machine of ideas as soon as the mic was switched on and stuck in front of her”.

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