Roisin & The Bullitts debuts

Just a few weeks into the new year and we get some fantastic new music from Roisin & The Bullitts. The song is based on the theme song from the classic TV series The Persuaders.

Send me your worst
The smile or the hearse
The flowers, the tear drops
Whichever comes first

But seek and you'll find
A dagger enshrined
You persuade me to thank you in kind

With heart on the line
Make haste the time
The knife or the poison
Whichever the crime

But with grand design
And life on a dime,
You persuade me to thank you in kind


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Kate said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Róisín at her very best!!!!

Tony Tornado said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

roisin proved her versatility once again. i listened to the original theme though, and i wondered: what's the bullitts' contribution? the background music is just the same!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Roisin can do any style or tempo it seems.

To Lotus: it's a concept album with artists making a tune out of famous themes. :)

Loco said...


Anonymous said...

to anonymous:

thank you, i think i got it. so basically the bullitts just had the idea! i expected them to re-play the tunes too, instead of using the original instrumentals ;)


Edgar said...

Fantastic! Made my day!

Pandora said...

Could someone rip this amazing tune to mp3 file and share link? Thanks :) xxx

Anonymous said...

When I watched this video for the first time, I just thought: what the f... is this?!
You have imagination Madame Róisín! :)))

Anonymous said...

there's an mp3 in the guestbook already, just scroll down ;)

Jacob Sander said...

Very cool and melancolic.... NICE!

Pandora said...

But there are only YT links :/

Anonymous said...



PJ, Sheffield said...

I adore it-I bought my fella loads of Tony Curtis DVD's for crimbo and can't seem to escape him on screen (God bless him!R.I.P. Tony) This song is blooming GORGEOUS and inspired!

Adore it! The lyrics are gorgeous.

Eddie said...

I love this song, she's got such a great voice.

BUT, I'm still waiting for her to release Leviathan; I really enjoy what I heard in the youtube videos.

I love your blog, I read it all the time, but I've never really commented. I appreciate what you're doin'.

Edgar said...

where can i buy it?

Anonymous said...

Roisin's James Bond theme ;-)