Live at V&R - artwork

In case you have uploaded it onto your iPod, here's the 'unofficial' artwork for Roisin Murphy's Live at V&R. Download the MP3 here.


Here is an alternative cover designed by Manek, who named the 'EP' Demon Lover Live:


Metty said...

damn good job dude! i tried to make one, but i had some kind of flabby-head.

A Hopeless Optimist said...

Thanks Metty! Just updated to fond to something a bit more suitable.

MovieStar2000 said...

thanks, mate! :)

Anonymous said...

This is cute!

Flex said...

it's pretty wild and woolly to design a cover for V&R show soundtrack with the dress designed by Gareth Pugh.

Someone from Poland said...

What a alternative cover designed by Manek...like in Prince of Persia (motive with mirror) :)
Looks futuristic.

Besides, I don't know why I watch this blog again & again and just can't stop...:)

Ellen said...

Indeed, do not combinate Roisin wearing a Gareth Pugh outfit with Viktor&Rolf. Actually, on the cover for the single Overpowered, she's wearing V&R.

Manek said...

well ... i knew the "gareth pugh vs. v & r" thing was coming. but hey who cares anyway? a roisin in a pugh dress on a v & r cover is better than none.

Someone from Poland said...

I forgot, this picture on top in blog...hhhh :) it reminds me a wild times if goes about you but now you will be a mother,so you have to limit alkohol, cigarettes or other staff's :)
But I'm sure that you will surprise us not one time in the future yet.

JimmY said...

WoW!! i feel fucked!! this is so nice!!

MirrorCancer said...

To the people saying you shouldn't mix designers like that, who cares? It's just a single cover, and they're just outfits. It's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

not bad. nice colours. shouldn't have used the gareth dress pic. cos.

Metty said...

manek this is embarrassing to ask you that question but what font did you used?? it looks like a franklin gothic but...the O is different!
and the accents aren't on the same position as here. i'd be delighted to hell if you could tell me.

anyways: that looks great! i love them both, hail ro-fan-art

pierre marc said...

the link dont work, I cant download "demon lover" !! ! !

Raphael Alves said...

the link dont work, I cant download "demon lover" !! ! ! (2)

Catsy said...

The link is not working D:

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