Back from Gay Paris

Roisin is "back from Gay Paris" and has posted a message on her forum about performing at the Viktor & Rolf show.

She also speaks about her new work and confirms that the rap sections of Demon Lover are taken from a remix of the song, which I suspected all along:

"Oh my lord that was terrifying on so many levels, not lest of all health & safety! Standing up on that pedestal in that dress of torture, in sky high heals in front of the fashion world, seven and a half months pregnant, if you listen carefully you can hear the fear in my voice. But I got through it and felt like a super hero, ha!!

By the way, what I performed exactly was a kind of Mega-mix, four tracks in total but only two songs. The first song is Royal T and it will appear on the Crookers album due out soon. Hold Up Your Hands does not appear here, it is a totally different track but also a Crookers collaboration. The second is Demon Lover and I used two different Mixes crossing over on my second verse. The first version you hear is the original, Co-written and produced with Seiji. The second is a Donaeo remix. Funny how some fans really don’t like the MCing, but you know I love it.

Expect some news about a release very soon and I will be giving you guys song to download for free also, probably "Orally Fixated". It’s a funny old time what with being up the Duff an’ all and I know this is all running a bit later than expected, so thank you for staying with me, not long now."


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Yay free goodies! Yay soon more news! I hope that the "Royal T" will be on her own new album too. =s