A radical album update

A few days ago Roisin herself posted a little update on the official forum about the new material she is working on:

I am so happy. Seven months now. I'm nesting and writing good tunes. Wrote a good 'en last week called Leviathan (Do It Yourself) with Kid Gloves. It's pure epic pop. Looking at ways of releasing and having lots of meetings, my goodness there's a lot to think about these days! Anyways, sure enough these tracks will find a way to you in the next few months. In the meantime I need to make decision on how. It's not going to be old fashioned. I am looking at ways of getting EVERYTHING revamped at once! Now is the time to be radical and that radical feeling of change is everywhere, including my silly little pop songs.


Luka said...

Y Kid Gloves???
that dude can't mix for sh|t!

Metty said...

you can do that better?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my English is not that good. Does it mean that there won't be a physical release?

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I love CD's.


jjjjau said...

Well CD's aren't yet old fashioned. I hope they never will be, but I'm afraid so... =(

Waiting for the FEW months.

GALAXY said...

I hope Roisin will leak a song for buzz promotion soon.. then either pulls a digital or physical release in the next few month, I don't mind waiting as that usualy means an artist is taking time to perfect their work.

Howeverr I am very interested in this Kid Gloves collab. It could really go two ways :/

Lee B. said...

Kid Gloves has produced some stuff for Ladyhawke (Manipulating Woman, Paris Is Burning) and Little Boots (Symmetry, Not Now, Love Kills) which I like. In the credits for those it lists Anu Pillai (Freeform Five) and Roy Kerr (Freelance Hellraiser) as writers and musicians so I presume they're Kid Gloves... can't wait to hear what they've done with Róisín and that title & description are getting me soo excited!

I'm a bit worried what Róisín means about the way she's planning on releasing. All I want is an album on CD and if the artwork is good enough on vinyl. Apart from those the only other way to release music would be digitally... can't see how she's going to do something different.

Didn't she also say in an interview (Arjan?) that a proper album is quite a way off (probably due to her pregnancy)? Maybe she's releasing a series of EPs but that's hardly something different... dunno, whatever it is she's releasing I HOPE it'll be on CD because I don't buy MP3 files.

Anonymous said...

cant wait

Anonymous said...

@Lee B. , I agree, I don't buy mp3 neither, because it sounds like SHIT!

What's the point to spend a lot of time in studio with good producers, if the result is a compressed file?

She should maybe release her next songs like Nine Inch Nails did last year. The songs were proposed in different types of formats: mp3, Flac or even High Definition Audio.


Lee B. said...

@Michael, I meant any digital file really. I won't pay for something I get for free by typing a few words into Google.

I buy music physically because not only do I like music I like having the artwork, looking at credits and just having something to hold (plus the sound quality is better)... I suppose I feel the same way about physical formats the same way people felt about vinyl when CDs first became the norm... "keep it vinyl!" indeed or in my case "keep it physical!".

em said...

Yeah, I want a real CD, too! Well, we'll wait and see I guess :)

www.publicidad.org.es said...

This will not work as a matter of fact, that is what I believe.