House of Cards

Last week, Roisin and her partner Simon Henwood attended Shelter's House of Cards charity exhibition in London.

Thanks to Betty!


Anonymous said...

I know this may sound shallow, but red lips really suit Roisin. I want her next video to be lots of red lips and blond hair. Very 'demon lover'. ;)

Anonymous said...

She looks amazing simples as :)

L'achigan said...

Ok now, what about the music !?
Summer is over Roisin, we are still waiting !

Anonymous said...

Roisin, you are beautiful woman all the time.
Keep it up :)
Your partner is a really lucky man.
Thank you very much for this blog.
For me,you are the greatest star,so don't forget about this detail :)
Check your messages in YouTube.

Greettings from Poland.

PartyWeirdo said...

Wow! In that first picture she looks just stunning... Happy face with red lips. Sweet.

MirrorCancer said...

She looks more womanly than ever. What a pretty pregnant woman!

jjjjau said...

Aww the belly<3

PS. Today's my birthday! =)

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