Been around the block

Roisin Murphy has vowed Sex Pistols' singer John Lydon won't get the chance to upset her when they both play Live at Loch Lomond this summer.

Lydon upset Duffy when he snapped at her at the MOJO awards this week, leaving the Welsh warbler to flee in tears.

But Roisin revealed she was too "hard" to let other people get to her. She said:

"I supported the Sex Pistols in Milan when I was in Moloko. It was weird looking out and seeing lots of old Italian punks in the audience. I didn't get to meet Johnny but he wouldn't be able to upset me as easily as Duffy. I've been around the block a bit. I think I was born hard."

From dailyrecord.co.uk


Anonymous said...

Okay, it's 2 in the morning, i'm lisstening the live At The Ancienne Belgique (My country), and it's absolutely fabulous. Roisin, i just wanted to say i love kove you.

Anonymous said...

I mean i Love you, not Kove you

Anonymous said...

We Kove Roisin

Metellus said...

why shouldn't we kove her huh??
surely we all kove her, don't we little hearts?