Glastonbury review

Undeniably the coolest woman in dance music and in my opinion the most beautiful, Roisin Murphy graced the stage at Dance East on a cold Glastonbury night. Not that it was cold in the packed tent, as everyone boogied with as much energy and excitement as the star herself. Throwing mad shapes against the bright lights of the big tent, she owned that stage. It was, without question, hers.

From ‘Let Me Know’ with its funky bass, and soulful singing to ‘Primitive’ where the drumming sounded digital with uber-synth bursting through the soundscape and timed strobe and on ‘Movie Star’, she set the tent alight.

With more costume changes than a dame in a pantomime, Roisin paraded on stage in clothes that ranged from the absurd to the perfectly normal, and rapidly back to the absurd again. But she totally got away with it. Shoulder pads, leather, hats of all shapes and sizes; my friend Laurence described one hat as “a dinner plate”. She still managed to pull the Royal Doulton off effortlessly.

Roisin Murphy made my day. I dragged myself there in an exhausted mess. I left buzzing on the energy she exudes. Her voice is one of the most versatile I have heard. It is raw and beautiful and meshes perfectly with her brand of electronica and soul. Her voice went straight through my ears and down to my feet along with the bass and melodies. I lost control and danced. She was something special and I think that fellow fans may just agree.

Victoria Trow

From www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk.


TurtleGirl said...

seems like someone has fallen in love with roisin...who doesn't? ^^

Anonymous said...

amazing review!!!