Sandals am Ring

Betty sent me these lovely pictures of Roisin backstage at Rock am Ring a few days ago. Please note the fancy foot gear!


Anonymous said...

she was probably resting her feet for the stiletto that she will wear at the show.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe. I love what she's wearing, though.

Gutemine said...

I prefered her dress after she went to the changing room... have a look:

it was hard to focus though.

flipside said...

this is the first time she disappoints me with her apparel!
teva sandals (esp with socks) are a big NOO! even if u are in the middle of the woods alone in your house! deeply shocked..
(OK but i still love her to bones)

Anonymous said...

eeew socks and sandals

that is so mid forties no idea !!!

Markus said...

woot go teva's..

Went walking around Lux with her and our teva's.. no socks.. it was hot

Pinky said...

Those are fabulous