Roisin ♥ Istanbul

On 21 June, Roisin will perform at the One Love festival in Istanbul. It will be her first concert in Turkey since performing with Moloko.

She told Turkish magazine Blue Jean how much she loves the city:

I think Istanbul is an exciting place. It is always changing. I am a Londoner and people there are indifferent to the politics, or to society. But in Istanbul everything is attached to each other. You get out on the street and people are interacting with each other, selling something. I love the crowd in the Grand Bazaar.


TurtleGirl said...

that day is the Music Day,isn't it?
i hope she enjoy the concert, waiting for the photos!^^

Selofan said...

I'll be in İstanbul for this concert, i've been waiting for this time to come!! it will be an increadibly wonderful day of my life

photos will be in my blog "bozuk kaset"

www.crearpaginaweb.com said...

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