Last night in Milan

Two pictures of Roisin in Milan last night.

The website of Italian Vogue also has a short feature on Roisin's performance at the Replay party:

The Replay party in Milan was, to say the least, extraordinary. Thousands of people were present in a hangar with obelisks, a topiary maze and a giant hall decked out for the musicians' performances. Hercules And Love Affair opened. While the band was on stage I spoke at length with Roisin Murphy, the fabulous singer dear to the staff and readers of Vogue.it

On a little white sofa, safe from the crowd, Roisin told me that she has just spent six months in her native Ireland. Less than five months ago, in fact, she had a daughter with her partner Simon Henwood. Simon, as well as being an artist, is creative director for Rihanna.

Before she could start talking about children however I began moaning about my agoraphobia. It was as if Elizabeth Taylor had gone to interview Susan Sontag.

Talking about recently departed Malcolm McLaren I asked her which of his projects she has enjoyed the most. Her answer was Bow Wow Wow. As if that wasn't enough she confessed to being a big Thin Lizzy fan. These revelations endeared Roisin to me, not to mention the maroon handbag she had just bought from Celine.

Roisin is a happy, accomplished woman. I didn't have time to hold it against her however: the stage manager called her onstage and I, like an old Broadway queen, bid her farewell saying "break a leg".

Source: vogue.it


Replay DJ set in Milan

This week Roisin will be in Milan for a DJ set at the Replay party:

The party of Italian brand Replay will host one of the most awaited collateral events being during the latest edition of Milan Salone del Mobile: the concert of Hercules & Love Affair, band – featuring Andrew Butler, Nomi, Kim Ann Foxmann and collaborating with Antony Hegarty – and dj-set of the iconic singer Roisin Murphy which will be held on 15th April 2010 in Milan at the Hangar.

One week left to remix!

If you still want to remix Roisin's track Momma's Place head to Inbada Music and have a go.

I just listened to the Madison G Remix which kind of blows me away. Maybe you can do a better job...?