Movie Star - July 7th?

Some sources on the mighty world wide web are reporting that the tentative UK release date for Movie Star is July 7th.

After Overpowered, Let Me Know and You Know Me Better, the song is the fourth track from the Overpowered album to be released as a single.

Last month, Roisin admitted to the Daily Star that she hopes Movie Star will make more of an impression on the charts than her previous releases:

"The charts are important to me and I think it will happen as more people are finding the record. The next single Movie Star is the most radio-friendly I’ve made – so fingers crossed."

Other single releases planned for July 7 are Give It 2 Me by Madonna and Sharleen Spiteri's All The Times I Cried.

I will keep you posted!


Lee B. said...

Ouch, releasing in the same week as Madonna (I love GI2M btw) is not good!

I'm hoping for 2 new b-sides (DLIGTYHB and Earn It), a Rex the Dog remix of Movie Star and, if there's no plans to release Dear Miami as a single after this or a remix EP (Overmixed?), a Kleerup remix of DM would be rather nice. :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow Lee, your ideas are great! EMI should offer you a job on their release department ;)

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