Carry me Brixton

I was at Roisin's show in Brixton two nights ago and was once again overwhelmed by her stage presence and stamina - not to mention that amazing voice, which remains her strongest asset by far!

As all of you will have seen the stream on the official website by now I see little point in writing an extensive review. What could I possibly add?!

However, just in case anyone's interested I would like to share my highlights of the show:

(1) Overpowered: What a great choice to open the show with. The see through curtains create an intimate atmosphere and when Roisin and the stage are finally revealed it brings on the show's first climax.

(2) The pause between Overpowered and You Know Me Better: Roisin mentioning she was in the Brixton Academy a few years before, when Moloko performed their last show (released on DVD as 11000 Clicks). She seemed quite emotional, taking this short trip down memory lane.

(3) Through Time: One of the most beautiful songs Roisin's has ever written, taken from her album Ruby Blue. The song may well be about Mark Brydon:

Is it through memory’s rose tinted glass
I have come to ask
Or is it a love that was meant to last
Through time itself

(4) Movie Star (Kid Gloves remix): The original of this song has never been a favourite of mine, but Kid Gloves' beats lift it to a whole new level. They make the lyrics sound very dark indeed. Brilliant.

(5) Ramalama (Bang Bang): Could Roisin ever go wrong with this song? No! What Holiday is to Madonna, Ramalama (Bang Bang) is to Roisin. No show would be complete without it.

With the European tour coming to an end soon, I can't wait to see what Roisin has in store next. Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was on Saturday.

Thanks to Jo for the VIP access!
Picture courtesy of door 101


Anonymous said...

omg, best.picture.ever!!!
'carry me brixton' - what a legend!


Trolleymusic said...

Aw, wow! I was there too! I would have loved to have met you and given you a big "thanks" in person - I love this blog lots :)

A Hopeless Optimist said...

Hey Trolleymusic,

What a lovely thing to say. Your hug would have been very welcome indeed.


redgilda said...

yeah that photo is great! and hey Optimist - I do love your blog too as I'm sure many of us do :)

what's next is that I hope they release a nice DVD of this tour - preferably with both concerts/setlists... the one from last yeah/earlier this year AND the recent performance as well! ahh it's nice to dream..

mexcreel said...

I would also thank you for writing about the show, though I¨ve seen the Brussel show many times, it´s nice and interesting reading:)

AA said...

the show was awesome! she was crowd surfing in just few meters :))) lots, lots of fun

ted said...

Gorgeous Photo and so iconically Murphyesque!!

You skipped "It's Nothing": how COULD you? Mark my words, that "little old song" is going to spur a mass enlistment into Murphy's army... The voice you so rightly mention has seen its finest hour yet.

a. said...

im really loving the kid gloves remix too. its nice for a change not to mention its absolutely amazing in itself.

happy to see you had a fabulous time!

love xxxx

Mademoiselle Robot said...

Hey! Just to let you know I used some photos from your blog to illustrate a post I did today about Roisin. I credited by linking to your blog.


Anonymous said...

I could kill someone for a VIP access!!!

I'm so jealous, but if someone deserves it, it's you.


A Hopeless Optimist said...

Thank you Michel. You're all so nice. xx

Trolleymusic said...

Gah! It was so good! I just keep thinking about it!!

I was deliberately not reading the setlists in the run-up so that I'd be surprised - I nearly died when she played Ruby Blue.