Mamma's back to work

It's only been a week since she's given birth to her first child, but Roisin is already focussing on her music and making sure we don't forget our dance moves.

From Facebook:

Róisín Murphy got a good nights sleep! Today I felt ready to listen to the remixes of Mamma's Place. Lots of good ones! Now I can stay home and feed and change and stare at Clodagh safe in the knowledge you guys have something to dance to! Rxx

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Someone from Poland said...

Merry Christmas for you and for all your family, Roisin.
I believe that your daughter will be proud and happy because of a fact, that such a special and unique person like you is her mamma:)
So, take care of a baby and try to relax, however this is not a easy thing now probably.
Many kisses :)