Hello, it's me

Sorry for my long silence, but there seems to be very little going on in Murphyland right now. Let's hope it's a case of calm before a storm.

Anyway, I just came across this lovely picture of Roisin. It was taken by the talented photographer Eva Mueller.


Café Naïveté said...

I hope it's the calm before the storm.. and I hope to see a nice rainbow afterwards too:) hehe..

sending you sun from Rome,

Someone from Poland said...

After so long time..., very happy to see activity of this blog again :)
Great taste with the picture.
Looks a bit of mysteriously, like "goddess" from another planet :D
Great clothes and futuristic scenery like vestibule of portal to another dimension.
Woooow !! ^_^

miniwinie said...

great you're back!! I love this blog and Ms Murphy :)

Liv said...

Welcome back! Have you seen this?


I'm from Milan and sadly missed the invitation to the Replay party, still wanna die and nobody seems to have recorded Roisin's dj set...

Hope an HQ version of Demon Lover leaks soon...

Someone from Poland said...

To Liv:

"...still wanna die and nobody seems to have recorded Roisin's dj set... "

Don't say that, I guarantee that you will see and hear the amazing stuff from new forthcoming album for example, so not all is lost :)

Giovanni said...

OMG!!! So long! what? Replay Milan... who recorded it?

Liv said...

To Someone from Poland: thank you for your kind comment!.. I was SO bitter that night, you cannot imagine, i was out the Hangar hoping to find a way to sneak in, seemed like everybody except myself had got the invitation in time.. hope they well deserved it, everybody said the party was FABULOUS

Someone from Poland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Someone from Poland said...

To Liv:

...no problem :)

"I was SO bitter that night, you cannot imagine..."

I don't even want to imagine this.
All right,Liv, I also had a moments when I was thinking, that something very important goes away from me.
Example: Werchter festival in Gdynia (Poland) with Róisin Murphy in 2008.
There was FABULOUS !!
I felt to bad, when I was thinking that I could be there too, and I was not.
I live not far from this place, so you probably understand what I felt then.
In that time, let's say I was so busy and even didn't know about it.
But like I say before,not all is lost because RoHab08 (big thanks for this person !!) posted amazing videos in YouTube from there.
It is not the same like been there on live, but I was very happy to see this, believe me on word :)
Take care.

Sakib said...

Wow looks like she's in the future on a space station or something! Also weirdly her hair in the pic makes me think of Whiplash from Iron Man 2!

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