Berlin & London DJ sets

On Thursday November 4 Roisin will be headlining Electronic Beats in the German capital. According to their website Roisin is preparing a special new stage show for the event.

This Sunday Roisin will also perform a DJ set at Café De Paris. Click here for more information.

If you want to get yourself in the mood for any of these events, listen to Roisin's excellent live set at Electronic Beats Festival Graz 2008.


Joh X nn said...

Oh my god, this live (the one from 2008) is so good ! Have you got a link ? :)

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Anonymous said...

guys look here on youtube, shoomer's page!!! There are all the videos from Cafe de Paris DJ set!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

glad roisin is out and about and there is no doubt she has impeccable taste in music, however these famous artist-come-deejay gigs are a bit silly in that no-one actually lets loose and dances, but instead simply stares at the guest deejay. wierd and goes against the ethos of the bloody music.

Anonymous said...

demon lover is phenomenal - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrjbTyLan6M - please release it already roisin, WITH raps.

Someone from Poland said...

To evrybdygegeget:

Hmm, I think that most of the spectators was a bit "tired", finally it was started at 1:30am.
Everybody was so close to her plus her charm make it,I guess.
I saw a similar situations many times even on an live concerts from Moloko times yet.
Besides, there was a bit tightly to dance loose I think.

Plus, I like Demon Lover too, even if I was said before that I love to listen only her vocal :)

Denis said...

Uh yeah, that news made my day/night - Roisin I'm coming! too long time agooooooooooooooo ;)

Mexcreel said...

Berlin 4. november:):):)here I come - finally I´ve got my ticket and I'am just so very much excited.

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